The Tori Party Conference – a Sour Drink With Some “BREXIT Means BREXIT” Sugar Sprinkled On Top

Film clip of Cameron hugging a husky; “A Country That Works For Everyone” Poster; some “Dwarves” from Dis-ney; large protests outside the hall and due to be ongoing until at least Tuesday; Theresa May themed as Snow White – how much did they pay for tickets? So far Theresa isn’t showing Cyborg tendencies yet. Or IS she?

And she has covered up those “man legs” this year which is an improvement.  As for last year, whoever said that a John Wayne type pose on stage by Tori Party front bench was a good idea should have been sent off to “Thrasher Mitchell” for some “treatment”.

GR Comment: Watching Hammond defend this mess on BBC is like watching makeup being applied to a corpse.

Not good just before breakfast.

GR Comment: userles
The tory party a big apple poisoned and rotten to the core

GR Comment: peaceineurope123
Why is Theresa May being referred to as Snow White; she’s dressed entirely in black.

The only explanation is that she’s trying her funeral clothes for fit and to get us all used to the sight. She’s confirmed our worst fears the Death of the UK As We Know IT.

The dishonesty is to speak as though she activating a process most voters wish for. Yes, there was a majority on June 23rd; there would not have been if the system had permitted Brits abroad to register their vote online along with a bunch of security questions like Passport Number, last UK address etc….It was hours of messing around with forms and then getting someone in Britain to vote for you by proxy.

And that was before we knew a fraction of the mess we are now in……….

Yep, black’s appropriate. Sad times!

GW: Standard message from these “Cultists”. Everything is in reverse. White is Black and Black is White. Cameron hugs a husky – he actually hates animals and so on.

GR Comment: tunaalbacore
Sounds more like Goldilocks (bojo) and the Three Bores (May, Patel and Davis) but ok..

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