Jeremy Hunt In New Doctor Debacle

Jeremy Hunt: ”We can replace foreign doctors with British talent after Brexit”  I know what.  Why don’t you take up Chinese citizenship.

IR Comment: JonathanDevon
This man is an utter disgrace and is turning the Tory party into a national joke. Is he the only person in the country who is unaware that bright young people are no longer seeing working for the NHS as a good career option? This was the first year EVER that medical places in universities were NOT filled and had to be offered via the clearing system. The NHS is falling apart due to under-funding and the fact a complete idiot has been put in charge of it. May has got to replace him if she wants to retain any credibility.

Comment: Theresa May has kept him on as the fall guy for all the bad news that’s inevitably going to keep coming out of the National Help your Self shambles whilst he’s in charge.

IR Comment: Julia
Does nobody have an answer for why this wasn’t being done already?

Here’s a clue – it’s cheaper to import doctors than train them yourself.

Why has that changed following Brexit vote?

How is it going to change in just two years before Brexit?

This is fantasy.

As if it has just occurred to the Department of Health that maybe British people could train to be Doctors……….

IR Comment: The Jongler
The ignorance exhibited by this moron who is health secretary is astounding.
Hunt thinks that you go to a cupboard in the corridor marked “Uk Trained Doctors”-open the door and they all troop out – fully trained and experienced.
Has he any idea of how long it takes to train to be a doctor? He couldn’t care less.

IR Comment: Neil Mcgowan

[[ We can replace foreign doctors with British talent after Brexit ]]

And the dish ran away with the spoon.

GW: It takes 7 years to train a doctor so by 2024 Jeremy we may have a few more. We already have a serious current rota gap and your toxicity is such that many might not even consider going into the field at all because of you. What an absolute tit!

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