Louise Mensch brands Green Party politician Jonathan Bartley who was waiting in hospital for his son’s operation a ‘scumbag’ in Twitter row because Mr Bartley criticised Jeremy Hunt

Jonathan Bartley, who is work and pensions spokesperson for the Green Party, sent out a single tweet from his son’s hospital bedside saying a cheer had gone up among the staff when it was said Jeremy Hunt had been sacked.

Jonathan Bartley
I’m on a hospital ward with my son, awaiting a delayed and postponed operation. Huge cheer just erupted at news Jeremy Hunt has been sacked.

But alas not.

So he then said the decision by new Prime Minister Theresa May to keep Mr Hunt in the post after all was unlikely to encourage NHS workers.

Jonathan Bartley
Didn’t think it was possible to lower morale of doctors and nurses any further. Theresa May might have found a way to do it 😦

ToriCon Louise Mensch, who has been accused of sending offensive tweets before, tweeted a number of responses to both Mr Bartley and his defenders before concluding he was a “loathsome tit”.

IR Comment: It does rather seem, doesn’t it, that at a certain point the right stopped simply pushing an agenda of selfishness and division and simply began glorying in everything savage and wrong, from environmental destruction to the contemptible abuse of a man for reporting the truth. It seems that they have accepted their role as the villains of the cvilised world.

IR Comment: She should return to the US where she fits in with other members of the Clue Cluxe Clan!

GW: Mr Bartley is absolutely correct Louise. We all cheered when we thought Jeremy Hunt had been sacked! In fact we cheered so much we created an earth tremor Louise, and the crystal cabinet here at Watch Under the Willows shook so much during that tremor that the sherry glasses clinked. Gideon thinks the cheer even caused a landslide in Japan! It was on the BBC Louise.

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