‘Jeremy Corbyn is least charismatic politician I have met in a long time’ – Owen Smith in Bristol


Comment: I don’t think much of Smith’s numerical capabilities – he’s done 40 meetings, by his own admission to small numbers – let’s be generous and say he averages 200 – that’s 40 x 200 = 8000 – now Corbyn – 29 rallies with say an average of 1500 (I think that’s probably a gross underestimate) – 29 x 1500 = 43500. Oh dear!

Comment: Hahahaha! To paraphrase Spinal Tap’s manager “it’s just that Smith’s appeal is more selective”.

Comment: is owen losing the plot? all kinds of guff just tumbles out of his mouth. i feel a bit sorry for him to be honest. he is totally not the right man for the job they have ushered him forward for. i bet angela eagle is relieved. ah well, JC4PM without a shadow of a doubt.

Comment: At a ‘conservative’ estimated Jeremy Corbyn has spoken to well in excess of 60,000 people to date. For Comrade Smith to come close to anything like this he would have needed to have had over 1,500 people at each of the 40 meetings he says he’s had up to now…. – just sayin’…..

Comment: Jeremy is coming to jarrow to commemorate the jarrow march. Demand to attend this event is expected to be so high that you will have to apply for a ticket. It’s in a sports ground not a phone booth Owen. Not too bad for an unelectable man. JC4PM ✊✌️

Comment: The NEC only need to ban another 300,000 from voting to give Smith a chance

Thanks to GW Research for finding this.

Craig Murray: The Entirely Fake Owen Smith

Owen Smith went to Pfizer from a Labour Party job, while Labour were in government, and there is no doubt that his hiring was an example of the corrupt relationship between New Labour and big business which is why the Blairites are so hated by the public. It is also beyond any argument that if Pfizer had any doubts about Owen Smith’s willingness to promote the Big Pharma and NHS Privatisation agenda, they would never have hired him.” https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2016/07/entirely-fake-owen-smith/

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