Owen Smith wades in calling Corbyn “Metropolitan” – Good Lord so it’s now more wretched “Racism” from the likes of Smith and Blue Labour!


GW: Just when Mr Corbyn successfully beat off the charges of anti-semitism ironically probably having Jewish roots anyhow, now he is being called “Metropolitan” of all things! The very nerve! Why Mr Corbyn is nowhere near as “Metro” as say – Chuka Harrison Umunna – with his penchant for reptile skin leather products. Why Mr Corbyn works an allotment ffs! One would wager that Chuka has never been near any real soil let alone having husbanded green leaved living things with roots!

Internet secrets of ‘jetrosexual’ Chuka Umunna the party-loving MP being hailed as Labour’s Obama

But he did accept an invitation to a private party for ASmallWorld members at the British Luxury Club in London, which features a bar made of Swarovski crystals.

Tory MP Chris Heaton-Harris said: ‘In public [Mr Umunna] likes to portray himself as a man of the people. Yet we know in private he has a lack of respect for the public.

‘Chuka, or should I say Harrison, has been outed as the ultimate champagne socialist who revels in living the high life, brands the public C-list celebrities and trashes our capital city. You can’t get more out of touch than that.’

While he has not posted on the site since he became an MP, Mr Umunna last night confirmed that he is still a member of ASmallWorld.


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