Woman reunited with her rescuer 22 YEARS after she was abandoned as a baby

”Mr Campbell was shown Ms Sheikh’s appeal for the man who had saved her by a colleague at work for delivery firm DPD, who immediately recognised his good deed 20 years earlier.

He had kept photos and clippings about Ms Sheikh from the time he found her in Forest Gate, East London, hoping he would one day see her again.

Mr CampbellHe said: “This is a beautiful, beautiful day.

“I am so glad she has got in touch after all this time, I have never forgotten her.

“I can’t believe she found me.””

Mr Campbell, now 52, had gone to the phone box, near where he lived, to call his parents in Guyana, as they had a five hour time difference.

He said: “As I was walking towards the phone box, I could see what looked like chip wrappers on the floor – “But just before I got to the door, I realised there was a tiny life form wrapped inside.

Mr Campbell tried to stay in touch with Ms Sheikh, as she was named by her adoptive parents, by taking cards, money and gifts to social services.

He continued for seven years, until social workers told him to stop – but Ms Sheikh says she never received his gifts, and was given no information about Mr Campbell.

She added: “I don’t know why they didn’t tell me about him.”


DER Comment: This is a wonderful story but yet another indictment on “The Antisocial Services” officious prats for not forwarding the cards and gifts or even putting them in the file.

GW:  Mr Campbell, another everyday hero whose caring nature is an example to us all.

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