The stage is set for Act II of Jeremy Hunt’s discredited play – The Weekend Effect

”If ultimately the NHS collapses, something will have to replace it, and he has friends in the private sector only too happy to help.

It is often said that no party would be elected on a manifesto of dismantling the NHS, and the Tories understand that very well. They think they might have found another way.

The curtain will rise again; it may already be Act II as you read. Lend your support to the doctors on stage, and – please – consider joining them.”

NHS junior doctors have released a pop video, and Jeremy Hunt is going to absolutely hate it [VIDEO]

”Dr Rishi has completely funded this himself, along with writing it, directing the video and doing the promotion. He asserts that the track is “giving me the opportunity to talk about issues such as privatisation and the contracts in a way other doctors have not been able to.”

With the junior doctors’ “Justice for Health” group currently in the process of mounting a legal challenge against Hunt’s imposition of the contract, and the BMA deciding whether to take more industrial action, Dr Rishi’s track is another weapon in the fight for Britain’s health service.”

Download the track here and get ready for the Court Challenge Sept 2016:

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