EU Commission to Safely Transfer Asia´s and Africa´s Needy Populations to Europe – and Punish Unwilling Countries

Abstract: In 2015, EUs “High Representative” told an Arab audience that the Sharia is Europe´s future.
She also told another Arab audience: “so much unites us in a common future”.

What she precisely did mean was betrayed in statements by EU’s Vice President Frans Timmermans and Migration Commissioner Avramopoulos: The EU is about to establish a permanent policy by means of which the Union wants to invite “refugees” to legally settle in the continent, year after year.
The joint EU resettlement framework aims to vouch for “vulnerable” people´s safe, legal passage to Europe. The European Commission hopes thus to deter these migrants away from the payment traffickers for transport to Europe .”

Peter Sutherland DM

Peter Sutherland and “friends” DM

“This treason has its roots in the New World Order´s regionalisation program as the prequisite for London City´s one world government. The Euromediterranean Process was launched in 1995 in Barcelona: political, cultural and economical merging of the EU with its Muslim “partner countries”and Israel along the Mediterranean. In 2014 it was elevated to the “Union for the Mediterranean” – which is still valid – and is to extend to the Persian Gulf.

“Peter Sutherland, adviser to the UN for refugees, demands the EU to eliminate homogeneity in European populations by immigration. Of course, he and the EU praise this EU intiative to destroy European culture.”

EU Commission to Safely Transfer Asia´s and Africa´s Needy Populations to Europe – and Punish Unwilling Countries

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