Police Quizz 3 Year Old – Get A Grip Plod – Start Chasing REAL Crims!


DER Comment: You can’t legislate against natural human emotions – the PC Brigade should take a reality check. It’s time their ‘one size fits all’ Marxist doctrine was dropped for the nonsense that it is.

DER Comment: The age of criminal responsibility in the UK is 10. A child under 10 cannot be punished for an act which would be punishable for somebody over the age of 10. Why are the police involved? Have they nothing better to do?
Whatever happened to “Stick and stones?”

GW: The UK population was never consulted about the “mass migration” which was engineered by tptwtb for financial and other reasons. We now have EU homeless citizens camped out in London because they cannot earn enough to pay UK rents. The police have far more important things to be doing than interviewing children about “racism” including chasing down foreign criminals who are now living in the UK courtesy of the lack of border control presided over by the ToriCons and by the Blair Regime before them.

Welcome to the new UK Stasi State!

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