TPTWTB Are Desperate To Start A War

erdogan Tayyip doing a nice 666 for us there.


Comment@ The Slog: Interesting that there is speculation that the ‘coup’ may have been staged. If it was – comparisions to the Reichstag fire in Nazi Germany. if it was a genuine coup they are saying a lot of the soldiers thought they were on military exercises. Perhaps parallels with the,Perhaps parallels with the Von Stauffenburg attempt to unseat Hitler.

For historians there are so many striking similarities between Erdogan and Hitler and Turkey and Nazi Germany. Both democratically elected – gradually turning into a police state – persecution of minorities, shutting down journalists, ideology driven, false flags and foreign aggression.

It’s almost as if Erdogan has studied Nazi Germany.

Comment@ The Slog: I am with some of the other commenters here. Previous false flag incidents did´nt give Erdogan the momemtum he needed. Now he has been humiliated by Putin and Assad, unceremoniously grovelling before Putin with an apology. Suddenly a coup appears staged by some junior officers

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