British Brexiteers Get blame For Italian Bank Crisis

DER Comment: So the Italian banks were fine prior to 23rd June then?

DER Comment: Well stone the crows who would have thought that individual crosses in a certain box had so much power and influence. I am quite giddy at the thought what if… rising seas, climate change, surge in the gold markets. Hey even influenced Andy Murray to win Wimbledon 2016 quite intoxicating.

DER Comment: he thinks the UK has not noticed that Italy has been on the bones of it’s a**e for years. One of the reasons for the UK exit is because of the PIIG economies that bleed us dry.

DER Comment: Italian mafia idiot is he after a hand out from the UK we in the UK dealt with our debts you deal with yours my mafioso italian friend

GW: Now it starts. Washing Machine Repairman late – Whoya Gonna Blame? Blame BREXIT. Shonky travel company goes bust – Whoya Gonna Blame? Blame BREXIT. Flat Battery – Car won’t start – Whoya Gonna Blame? Blame BREXIT. Turks don’t like the shifty Erdogan – Whoya Gonna Blame? Of course – Blame BREXIT.

Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters

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