Rod Liddle’s Freedom Dinner speech: Labour’s Jew-bashing, the anti-Brexit mob and Tim Farron

We live in interesting times, do we not? It is quite possible that within a few months England’s most long standing political leader will be a man called Tim Farron. I heard Tim on Any Questions last week and he spoke with great uncertainty and anxiety, like a man who fears that he may have left the gas oven on at home and is contemplating calling the emergency services. Soon we will have to regard him as a titan of politics, a colossus. And then there is my party, Labour, which is fine fettle, no? There will be a challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s sane and rational leadership from a woman called Angela Eagle – swoop, swoop. She is the sister of the former cabinet minister Maria Eagle, which prompted one MP to say that Angela was the lesser of two eagles. And also that she wasn’t even the best politician in her own family. Not even the best … Well, who could imagine Labour making that sort of mistake?

Rod Liddle’s Freedom Dinner speech: Labour’s Jew-bashing, the anti-Brexit mob and Tim Farron

Comment: I always watch Dateline London for Gavin Esler and his lightning fast reflexes when one of his “guests” strays beyond the bounds of Political Correctness. It is wonderful to see. He can actually catch them in mid-flight so to speak never admonishing them but taking over while the offending phrase is still in their throats and redirecting it down the path of neo-liberal acceptability.

Comment: The Dimbleby twins always do that on their respective Question programmes too, with any Leaver/UKIPer, just as they are working towards their killer fact or point or applause trigger, they will jump in and ruin it. So boringly predictable. If that ever gets too obvious they will get some figure like Eddy Izzard on to pretend to be fleeing on coke or something ,dressed outlandishly and shout down the UKIPPer as they did with Mr Farage two weeks before the referendum

Comment: I know. Once you’ve twigged this technique it just becomes monotonous. I’ve noticed that whenever Peter Hitchens is on the BBC they either have the presenter put him down at the beginning to show the audience who the bad guy is or they have a “shouter” to make sure he doesn’t speak uninterruptedly!

Comment: Does anybody know why comment was dropped from the Telegraph. Was it a cost based decision or was it that the Barclay brothers were Remainers and the Telegraph readership were in the main Brexiters?

Comment: Given the amount of profound anti-EU rhetoric, most of it backed up with supporting evidence, I think they shat themselves. Plus, the pro-EU r3tards were unbelievable in their crass stupidity.

There may have been cost issues; I believe moderation was outsourced.

Comment: I’m astounded that anybody believes the media still have the power to shape opinion.

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