Brexit is not a central problem facing Britain: end the self-pity or become marginalised.

John Ward

“Cameron, Osborne, Gove, Crabb, Whittingdale, and Morgan have all gone. Camerlot is no more.”

“Now the econo-fiscal situation. The Bank of England didn’t bring in a rate cut, the Pound is back to £1.20 to the euro….and as the Italian and Deutsche mires spread during the next month or so, I will not be surprised to see it back at 1.30 or close to that by the end of August. There is not going to be an emergency budget. Seven separate and large global importers beyond Europe have been quick to say they are enthusiastic at the thought of trade with us minus the import barriers. The new trade figures are better than expected. Everything is just the same – ie, dire – as it was.”

“NATO has confirmed the importance of Britain as an ally. German fear of a potentially disastrous car output effect in the event of British truculence has (as I predicted) mellowed the tone of those with a functioning brain in Berlin. The markets have welcomed the May Government, and the FTSE is now officially a Bull Market – incomprehensibly a Bull market, but then you all know my view of contemporary bourse movements.”

“Across the EU, the Brexit decision is being seen – everywhere except by the media in France, Spain and Germany – as a corrective (and much welcomed) poke in the eye for controlling Federalism. All that has been achieved in just over three weeks.”

Comment: Do you really think the readers of The Slog will have somehow forgotten the past thirty years of Turdoch dominated ‘amygala’ politics and Neoliberal fantasy economics that have dismantled the prospects of so many of the UK population?

Perhaps if you step back slightly and are prepared to supress the emotion and open your rational mind to other ideas, this video interview with the economist Mark Blyth might inform you as to why many are in favour of Brexit. I do not consider him to be either an uneducated thug, or a ‘pontificating idiot’. Enjoy 🙂

Mark Blyth on the Brexit vote

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