Andrea Leadsom: I Can’t Trust Men

DER Comment: The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

In other words rather than trust a man we could always leave them in the care of Myra Hindley and Rosemary West’s of this world.

DER Comment: Actually I think the statistics would more accurately show us that, historically, our political houses and our schools and some councils and show business are the places where most paedophiles hang out, partly because of the power that these positions create.
The statements from Andrea Leadsom came when she was campaigning for leadership. Following the publicity she withdrew from her campaign.
She’ll not be Prime Minister, but she’ll be working for a government controlled by a Prime Minister that she has already conceded to with policies that have already been published as different.
Andrea Leadsom will have to do better, lots of people might have missed it but We all just sacked a huge number of politicians who represent us inadequately.

DER Comment: Some of Mrs Leadsom’s MP colleagues are connected to some historical, and not so historical, children molestation cases and these people are not investigated at all. She should worry about sharing her space with them for a start.

DER Comment: Cheeky Mare.

I am a minority of a minority. I am MAN that has raised 3 girls as a lone parent for the last 13 years. For nearly all that time, especially in the early years, it appeared the whole system was against me.
Social Services said they didn’t like men raising kids on their own, so said I should put them up for adoption as they were 2. 3 and 5, especially as girls have “special needs” as they grow older. Funnily enough Social Services disappeared once the girls got past prime adoption age as there was no way they were getting their own way and left me to my own devices

I have put up with the looks I used to get when buying underwear for my girls.

I was called a McDonald’s Dad (meaning a Saturday only dad) when some woman saw me out with my girls enjoying a meal out with my kids and she took exception. She soon shut up when I produced copy Court Orders that I keep in my wallet, that stated I had full custody of my girls and I was both Mum and Dad 24/7.

How dare you say that Men can’t make good Nannie’s. All I have known is raising kids. I have put my needs last. My kids excel at school and in college, I have pushed them, been strict on them, they have never been in trouble with the law, etc. I have brought them up to be respectful members of society. I am proud of them.

To be honest raising my kids has been tougher than when I served in H.M Forces, we have had our up’s and down’s but the battles have been so worth it. Exceptional Dad. Well done!

GW: And of course Ms Leadsom we should NEVER let politicians or BBC or those in Social Services or 50 percent of other women near them either as we have the likes of Greville Janner; Leon Brittan; Peter Morrison; Jimmy Savile; Marie Black; Carol Stadler; Myra Hindley; Maitre de of Elm Guest House; Those at Richmond Council; Those who ran Beechwood Children’s Home in Nottingham & Haut de la Garenne on the Island of Jersey; Teddy Heath; Terrie May who has presided over the Child Abuse Cover-up otherwise known as Goddard Enquiry; etc etc etc
Keith Vaz and the Mystery of Barnes Common

Female paedophiles: Why women sexually abuse children

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