Cameron to stay on as an MP because he ‘doesn’t want to be remembered like Blair’

‘The will of the people can change’ Blair thinks UK will want to stay IN EU when deal made

DER Comment SusanHeywood: Camoron will remembered for sanctioning “same sex marriage” “perverse and severe austerity measures” ” a war on the poor and vulnerable” and “the man who failed to keep the UK in the EU despite being a pathological liar and scaremonger”…..what a pile of garbage Cameron, Osborne and Blair have turned out to be. The UK has been blighted with treacherous government and PMs since Blair took office in 1997, thats nearly 20 years straight of so called “Progressive Liberal” leadership which encouraged mass immigration into the UK. Blair and Cameron are, and always will be, the filthy treacherous swine that has crippled the UK with their hubris and arrogance in regards the mass immigration that has damaged the UK economically , socially, and culturally.

DER Comment: He’ll be remembered for what he is. A would-be judas traitor who tried to sell his country to a foreign power.

In mediaeval times he would have been hung until almost dead, his innards pulled out while still alive, then beheaded, drawn and quartered, and his head stuck on a pike.

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