Man who put driverless car on autopilot ‘to watch Harry Potter’ dies in smash

Ex-US Navy SEAL Joshua Brown, 40, was killed when his electric-powered Tesla Model S ploughed through an 18-wheel tractor-trailer, ripping the top off the car.

The self-drive system failed to recognise the trailer’s white side against the bright sky and did not hit the brakes in time.

Trailer driver Frank Baressi said he heard a film playing as he approached the wreck .

GW: Maybe this Navy Seal’s job was to test the thing. Anyways driverless cars need a bit more work it seems. No human would make that kind of mistake.

Elon Musk’s self-driving evangelism masks risk of Tesla autopilot, experts say

”Elon Musk’s rockets have only ever gone to low Earth orbit, but that hasn’t stopped him from making promises about Mars. The Tesla CEO’s wild, ambitious futurism has earned him billions of dollars, fawning coverage from the tech press, and a subreddit devoted entirely to discussion of his divinity.

elon muskBut it has also now landed him and his company in the awkward position of explaining why a feature they called “autopilot” should not be to blame for failing to prevent one of their vehicles from driving under a truck in May, killing 40-year-old Joshua Brown – the first known fatality involving a self-driving car.”

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