Jeremy Corbyn compares Israel to ISIS

Watch your back Mr Corbyn.  You know what happened to John Smith and Bliar is still “lurking”. Brave man for calling it though.

Michael Gove has done to Boris Johnson what he did to the country


In the name of God – Go!

GW: Great news! Is BoZo still running? Hard to keep up!  Last night a very similar shadowed picture seemed to manifest on the ceiling of the hostelry we were frequenting.  Spooky indeed.  Two distinct faces actually –  one sensitive and intelligent and one just like that BoZo shadow.  The BoZo one was on the right and the other – a bit like a cavalier, was on the left.  The whole pub decor was that of faux distressed so that the ceiling was just mottled plaster.  Ornate ceiling lights reminiscent of a 1930s cruise ships dining room were suspended from this however and lit the room.  Narrow floor to ceiling mirrors separated shuttered windows and a big picture of Queen Victoria adorned one of the walls.  The band was Québecois and the whole room was electrified. Très Islington n’est pas?

BoZo Has Quit. Who Next?

Can we have our parliamentary democracy back please?

GR Comment: I propose that Labour will do better in the GE than people think.

See The Times poll which shows them doing very well in April.

Post Brexit there may have been some swing but I suspect the rage at Tory austerity policies is still out there, especially with increased fear now its become clear the money won’t be coming off the side of the Brexit bus and into the NHS or any other regional projects.

Some readers have suggested Corbyn should have been tougher in attacking Cameron but thats just not his style and why should it be? My friends and I often joke amongst ourselves about how we’d have responded to Cameron’s taunts of ‘Just go.’ Perhaps we’d have replied, ‘thats a bit rich coming from a man who didn’t resign after it was announced that he’d once fucked a dead pigs head.’ Or perhaps, ‘why didn’t you resign over the Tory election expenses scandal?’ But why would Corbyn demean himself by resorting to the language of the gutter – or the playing fields of Eton?

People say Corbyn isn’t tough enough but look at him. Who could weather the disloyalty, abuse, conniving and slurs and still be standing? I certainly couldn’t. He’s maintained a dignified demeanour throughout what must have been the most shocking of times personally.

So, please, lets see him through as the members voted – and it seems will vote again.

Voted against the tories austerity policies when those PLP members attacking him didn’t,
Ditto trident
Ditto Iraq
Ditto Syria

Against the slick and heartless Tories he will offer a real alternative. Hopefully thenslick and heartless in the Labour party will see that. Keep repeating the ‘he can never win’ mantra if you like but the poll results above show quite the opposite. That is why there has been a run on him by Labour conservatives now.

GR Comment: Why should we keep a parliamentary democracy that across all political parties is completely out of touch with the electorate. Why do need more politicians than the USA? They are 5 times the population and 10 times the geographical, ethnic and cultural size and 3 times as rich. We have almost as many politicians as do China and India and they over a billion voters. Makes no sense to stay as we are. Maybe a participatory democracy like Switzerland where politicians are elected to do the will of the people not like ours doing what the hell they want would be twice as good.

GR Comment: Democracy is the power of people not that of the self serving neoliberal PLP! Labour members elected Corbyn and only they can oust him, not a bunch of opportunistic corporate a$$ kissers … times have changed and people want to be directly involved in their own fate, that’s why they bother to vote for a leader. They don’t trust (nor should they) the likes of Benn, Mann, etc. … I can’t blame them either.

GW: Right on. We would like a direct say in who will be next ToriCon leader as well!


Why has Boris Johnson bowed out?

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