BREXIT: This isn’t just about the haves and have-nots: it’s a war of views.

BREXIT – The Peasants’ Revolt

GW: And we now see that Terry May has changed her tune to fit in with the new political landscape. However no chameleons are required in the post BREXIT UK thanks Terry.  We also see that the Blairite idea of a post class Third Way has finally been put to rest.  Just as Coudenhoven Kalergi saw the future as a homogenised group with no particular racial identity and easily “controlled”, so the Blair Brigade saw a modern electorate with no idea of their origins and “roots” which would then mandate their future to a few metrosexual urban cowboys.  Big Mistake.  One word for all of them – Chilcot.

People’s identity both racially and socially matters very much to them actually and the British have so much to be proud of as have the French, the Germans, the Russians – why they produced Aleksandr Isayevich[a] Solzhenitsyn for instance! He was an outspoken critic of the Soviet Union and its totalitarian regime.

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