Horrifying video shows serial sex attack suspect chasing woman through train station


DER Comment: recall btp being undermanned when the nearest officer to brum was in derby…..plenty in London though!Its time they were disbanded from being run by a private firm and integrated into the UK police…

GW:  Since the incidents in Cologne, have sex pests been emboldened by the fact that these types of crimes seem to be tolerated by society?


Masterminds of Mass EU Immigration: Pharisaic Rabbinical Origin of Coudenhove Kalergi´s and Sarkozy´s Plan for Extinction of the White Race

These “men” now believe it is their duty and their right to impregnate any female they fancy without any courtship or even any encouragement from the female herself and what’s more leave the state to help bring up any offspring! Incroyable!

If a man wishes to attract a mate, then he has to demonstrate his intention to protect her and be solvent enough to show her he is capable of nurturing her offspring or is that just old fashioned twaddle?

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