‘I’m not negotiating with you’ Nicky Morgan struggles to explain her immigration plan

“The Education Secretary, who backed Remain in the EU referendum, is being strongly tipped to run to become Conservative leader and, as a result, Prime Minister.

Ms Morgan was questioned over her plans for UK immigration after news emerged David Cameron had blamed Brexit on the EU’s failure to offer any form of control on freedom of movement.

The 43-year-old MP for Loughborough was asked repeatedly by Nick Ferrari on LBC to put a number on her migration plans.

She said: “I think that obviously it is a big issue of concern.”

When asked for her solution she continued: “Well, I think the solution is obviously to make sure in terms of negotiations with the EU that we will have to, if we want access to the single market – which I think we have to help businesses, to provide stability and certainty – that we will have to accept some freedom of movement.”

Ms Morgan was then asked to clarify what “some freedom” of movement meant.”


DER Comment: Nicky Morgan the REMAIN voter is an idiot who actually believes we NEVER went abroad until we joined the EU. All her answers to questions appear to confirm that..
I saw her say,that if we left “our backpackers would be inconvenienced” Honestly she said that. It was a reason she said we should stay IN the EU.

DER Comment: What a simply stunning exhibition of her abilities as a serious `Statesperson`!!!!

I`d sooner elect Count Arthur Strong.

DER Comment: Jabca makes a series of good points regarding this key issue , and I would add the following.

All businesses must sponsor immigrants they wish to employ for a period of five years , housing healthcare being paramount.
If they need such ” key ” personnel this will not be an issue.
Government will need to create a department to deal with employment applications , visa issues and residence permits.
As a prime example the NHS would be able to implement this sponsorship type arrangement with their needs and abundant number of ‘admin’ people Leeds in place.

DER Comment: Loughborough voted out Nicky.

I know you think it’s all about you and how far to the top you can get in your poli tical career by siding with some really dodgy types who are clearly clueless, but I really think it’s about time you started listening to your consti tuents rather than focusing on your career isn’t it?

DER Comment: Having heard this woman on the Today programme it’s quite clear she hasn’t got a clue ! She even suggested we needed to have a discussion about immigration although it was pointed out to her that we had been doing exactly that for the past month ! I cannot understand how on earth this woman became an MP let alone a minister.

DER Comment: As the LEAVE campaign promised an Australian style migration policy, it very much is about numbers. The idea is that numbers of workers, across the board, are agreed by government. Migration is then undertaken based on the numbers and qualifications required for each trade. That way, Britain brings in the qualified workers we need who will contribute to both our economy and society. Anyone who wishes to stand, and drive through our exit from the shackles of the EU, must understand that the stars quo is not an option, a free sovereign Britain demands real change and real honesty from our elected politicians. Can’t change ? don’t bother applying.

DER Comment: One must question the sanity (and calibre) of those who are encouraging this vacuous woman to stand for election as prime minister. I can only conclude that they are as dimwitted as Morgan herself. Her maniacal and wild eyed appearance, her monotonous repetition of two or three soundbites together with her catastrophic failure in her present post, render her completely unelectable. Her delusion is risible.

DER Comment: It’s a distraction.

GW: “Obviously” Nicky Morgan is “Obviously” unsuited to the job of leading the UK forward “Obviously” and “Obviously Ferrari agrees with something so “Obvious”.

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