The Machinations Behind The Scenes With Regard To Brexit

“Not for the first time, the Russians seemed to have got closer to the reality than many of the western alternative media did.

Last week Putin suggested that Cameron had called the referendum in order to “blackmail” the rest of Europe. The evidence for this theory is compelling. It should be remembered that for all their self-serving chauvinistic rhetoric, the British Neocons don’t dislike the EU on account of its control by corrupt transnationals and even more corrupt bankers: au contraire they want it to be even MORE controlled by these forces than it already is.”

DM: “When we speak of communism, it actually means central control from the top and economic planning. The west is under this, only the media chimera doesn’t allow people to realize it. It is Rothschild control and the economic plans are decades in advance. It is not five year plans now, it is hundred year plans.  Not just one family.  If you know the name then they are NOT the “top dogs”.  The true power brokers are the puppet masters behind the curtain.  Black Nobility?  Switzerland?

It is communism, however nobody realizes it thanks to the dog and pony show of rigged elections.

imageMi6 is the cheka. It is a controlled system, the only argument should be who is in control.”

Vladimir Putin states David Cameron may have called EU referendum to ‘blackmail Europe’

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