Look Dave You Told The EU You Could Win The Referendum And You Lost It Buddy – YOU LOST IT Remember?


MR Comment: ”Cameron you told a bare face lie (or omitted to tell us) on the podium the other week, Turkey are not joining the EU yet !! you forgot to say we are funding them and funding the infrastructure from Europe to Turkey !! Your brilliant schools must teach you all to lie, deceive call it what you like in order to get on. I hope whilst we are funding all of this you at least asked them to use British steel and British products ?”

MR Comment:
It’s become very clear now that he is actually now showing genuine terror just as much as the Red Tory Mirror and the Blairite’s that leftie Corbyn has a very real chance of becoming prime minister in the next general election, as his popularity still keeps growing with the public.

If we must accept the democratic Brexit result, then they too must accept our democratically elected Labour leader by the public, otherwise join the Tories to further their career interests seeing as they hold more in common with them and they clearly have no respect at all for their Labour voters. The Mirror is clearly showing support for Cameron here. Pendulum politics cannot be trusted.

MR Comment: He has no competent shadow cabinet and virtually no support from MPs. The party is heading towards a split.

GW: The Tories want a new leader by 2 September now. Anticipating a General Election? The rats are trying to save themselves. Stick with it Corbyn. We know it’s tough.

MR Comment: So you believe that views and opinions of the thousands of the Labour member public majority who overwhelmingly and democratically voted him as their leader is worth far less than 80 right-wing Blairite careerists? Jog on.

Once Corbyn is elected as leader again, he will rebuild the cabinet without the right-wing infiltrating backstabbers. The Blairite’s lost us the last two elections and all of Scotland who will never trust or vote for a Blairite labour again. Blue Labour are unelectable, and they are scared that true left wing labour will win.

Cringeworthy Cameron misquotes The Smiths as he suggests Labour MPs may kill themselves

GW: All that is left is Bullingdon Bureaucrat Bluster isn’t it Dave and a faulty memory from too many afternoon drinking sessions and too much chain smoking of furtive fags. Get out yourself you nasty piece of work!

PMQs 29 June 2016: PMQs verdict: Cameron’s real feelings start to show


GR Comment: As someone once said of R M Nixon Cameron is going out the same way he came in–no class.

GR Comment: Britain seems to be quacking in it’s boots.

All that quacking you hear is Boris ducking out of his promises.

GR Comment: Resigned = ran away

GR Comment: The point is that Corbyn would never win a general election

This is nothing but conjecture. In recent elections with Corbyn as leader Labour did well despite all the PLP obstruction etc. And who would do better than Corbyn as Labour leader?

Blair Witholds Info From chilcott

Chilcott due out 6 July 2016 – It’s etched I to your forehead Tony – WWW.

GR Comment: The timing when it comes to the attempted removal of Corbyn before the publishing of the Chilcot Inquiry next week cannot be just a coincidence. The number of former Blarites that have been rather active on the various news organisations in the last few days, has hardly gone unnoticed. When it comes to many on the Conservative benches’ the removal of Corbyn and any subsequent appointment of what would be a pro-stay leader of the opposition might well result in a “watering down” or attempted blocking of the leave-referendum vote in the Commons and Lords. Tory pro-Brexiters’ shouting support for the current Leader of the Opposition – now who would have ever thought that.

GR Comment: Cameron turns flashman bully when rattled. Nothing new there then.

Its David Cameronwho is going. The most incompetent Prime Minister ever.

Cameron traded his own party unity for that of the counties. Instead of fighting his eurosceptics, he gave into them and granted a referendum which now means our country is split down the middle. Utter incompetence and a betrayal of our nation.

GR Comment: Actually I find the whole PMQs tedious. it’s like public school adolescents teasing some kid they don’t like. I’d actually prefer it if Corbyn didn’t bother to go. It’s a pointless show put on for the bullies in the lower sixth.

Cameron doesn’t “need some before he goes”. We need responsible considered politics. Not much chance of that though. Electability now seems to mean wearing a suit, being able to bully people, and playing tennis with Russian oligarchs. I propose to vote for the least “electable” person next time.

GR Comment: Go in the nations interest…….not likely Mr Cameron.
The One Nation he spoke of in his promises and pledges at election time.
One Nation my arse!!!! Now splintered and beyond repair with the hatred which emanates from Parliament and entrenched in the psyche by the Murdoch media.
He and his cronies have unleashed the beast and now they blame everyone else.

GR Comment: This was a bit rich of Cameron today for two reasons: firstly, it was the Conservative government who took us into the referendum due to its own internal woes; a gamble which may have catastrophic consequences for all within the UK. And secondly, whilst Corbyn’s performance may have been judged as lacklustre by some (measured and calm by others), Cameron and Osboune’s tone was so hysterical leading up to the referendum, it probably put many wavering remain voters off entirely.

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