#WheresGeorge goes viral after Chancellor Osborne vanishes post-Brexit


Many thanks to Graphics @ Daily Express – Excellent!


GW:  We are not Quitters Cameron famously said.  Oh yes you are Dave – It seems that’s what Bullingdons are Dave – Quitters to a man!

DER Comment: He spent Friday working with several central banks coordinating attacks on the markets and other currencies. Well that’s what it said on Friday on the live coverage – either the telegraph or the guardian. I can’t remember which one. Nor did it state which countries’ central banks were involved either. Don’t quote me on this tho either because it was a couple of days ago.

Feldman is Quitting as well.

DER comment: The Electoral Commission are looking into possible fraud in 9 seats won in May last year. Feldman may have his collar felt.

DER Comment: Trouble is Tulips… Every single one of us have got our beady eyes on boris, dave, and the rest of them. If they put one foot wrong they’re toast. The krakken has awakened. Never in history have so many people started to take notice of what the establishment are up to. They’re under the magnifying glass now.

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