Brits Be Warned

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————————– BRITS BE WARNED ———————————-

There is another threat you’ll be facing from Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is Cameron’s backup plan. He’s going to support Free Trade in exchange for Freedom of Movement with the EU

Cameron’s goal, for the Referendum, was to Over-Populate Britain with limitless immigration, especially with muslims so they could systematically destroy Britain’s identity through cultural segregation, putting it to its knees for the purpose of Corporate and Banking Takeover. Cameron and his Puppet Masters would have had an EXCELLENT deal if they had won the vote to stay in the EU. However, this did not happen but they had a Backup Plan, Boris Johnson.

You see, controlled immigration leads to healthy INTEGRATION

Whereas OVER-Population causes turmoil and separation in society or SEGREGATION which was Cameron and his Psychotic controllers goal. It would have been much easier for them to accomplish this with Britain part of the EU.

This is where Boris comes in. Cameron is going to step down as PM and Boris is going in as PM to renegotiate a Free Trade Deal with Brussels in exchange for Freedom of Movement

Don’t Believe these Remain demonstrations that are currently going on against Johnson. They are a Red Herring

Boris is going to rip Britain apart. Boris is a Turk and he is in the ‘circle’

Not once did Boris and his team ask the Remain camp about their infrastructure planning for Increased Population during the debates

This is not only because Increased /or/ Over-population leads to Segregation but also because MORE Population = MORE Homes = MORE Hospitals = MORE Schools = MORE Public Services = MORE Cars = MORE Roads = wider Roads = MORE Public Transport = LESS Land = LESS Nature = LESS Animals

It never ceased to amaze us the Leave Camp didn’t challenge the Remain Camps Pathetic Environmentalist and Animal Protection stance all while claiming Increased Population was Good

For lack of a Better Description of Remainiacs – Confused, Selfish, Self-Righteous, Greedy Human Beings spouting the word Racism to all those ‘Mixed Ethnicity’ Brexiters voting against the EU !!!!!!!!!!

In addition ALL THESE THINGS above require money. As we ALL know, banks Magically and Deliciously print money from thin air

Banks WANT Control and the Best way they can control is by making Society SO dependent on the financial system that they can collapse it, put the economy into recession THEN have the population crawling back and begging for More!!!!!

You Brits have to fight Boris or accept the Boris future plans he has for the UK

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