Labour MP David Lammy accused of ‘haughty disregard’ after calling for Parliament to DEFY Brexit vote

DER Comment: A labour MP who ignores the suupporters of the labour party. Nothing new there then…

DER Comment: People should go see his performance on Celebrity Mastermind, where he got one of the worst scores ever. It makes you wonder what arrangements were made, and by whom, to get him a Law Degree pass.

DER Comment: First of all Lammy we live in a democracy, and despite the fact the vote was narrow at 52-48 it was a victory for leave. If parliament goes against the wishes of the voters then you will have signed your political death warrant the electorate will not vote for you in the 2020 GE. Don’t be a sore loser do what you were elected to do and work for Great Britain you only have a sovereign parliament because of Britex. If you don’t like the situation you can always resign your seat and emigrate to your beloved EU

DER Comment: there is something sinister going on here! i can’t understand why Cameron does not invoke article fifty. IS any times outstanding before treaties are invoked/IE 1996-2016 AND IF WE ARE OUT OF TIME WILL we FIND OURSELVES BURDENED WITH HUGe Fines?
if farage is not included in any negs than i also will not be engaging. i won’t vote a second. there was nothing wrong with the last one, and i will when democracy dies in this country
to take over a capital city and joinup with the ginger minger up norh!!!

GW: He’s got a point in that there is something “fishy” about Cameron’s very sudden resignation then waiting 3 months and no Article 50???? And Pleaeeeese stop with the the Alexander Boris de “Piffel” Johnson adoration society – he DID NOT win anything!

DER Comment: Perhaps the anger at the electorate for daring to vote against Remain supporters is a false anger designed to do exactly as you say – cause a civil war. If that is correct it is an act of treason. Someone is stirring up the mainly younger voters to do the dirty work for them. Either that or they are too stupid to have a vote and voting age should be increased to 25. Lammy and other MPs who will not accept the will of the people foget it is an honour to SERVE as an MP. Unfortunately, these people have no honour. You bet these boys play hard ball in people’s heads all right. Don’t take the bait!

DER Comment: Surely inciting MPs to be disloyal to parliament, interrupt parliament, and disrespectful to voter’s wishes is punishable by imprisonment?
Very poor way to act for an elected member of the house. Lammy was meant to be another “Blair” apparently so he will be joining in the plot against the also democratically elected Corbyn will he?

When a politician’s own name becomes a byword for gaffes you know your career has hit the buffers.

Lammy At The Despatch Box In 2004 – MPs gave up on him – it was like watching a car crash

The Delights Of No Discipline


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