Thank God that the Protestant Spirit is still alive in England.

London EU referendum results 2016: borough-by-borough breakdown of votes as Brexit camp wins

Barking and Dagenham REMAIN 27 750; LEAVE 46 130 Labour Hodge & Cruddas
Bexley: REMAIN 47 603 LEAVE 80 886 Labour Pearce ToriCons Evennett & Brokershire
Havering: REMAIN 42 201; LEAVE 96 885 ToriCons Rosindell & Watkinson
Hillingdon: REMAIN 58 040 LEAVE 74 982 Labour McDonnell ToriCons Hurd & Johnson – The very same Nick Hurd Foreign Aid Minister who told MPs recently that the £250million-a-year fee given to the so-called “corrupt” African state was a drop in the ocean because its economy is so large.
Hounslow REMAIN 58 755 LEAVE 56 321 (Close like Watford)
Sutton REMAIN 49 319 LEAVE 57 241 FibDem Brake & ToriCon Scully

ESR Comment: The British people are still lovers of freedom and haters of tyranny. We are not willing to be led like mindless sheep and to be fed like slaves. Politicians have a job to serve the people they represent, not to oppress them and make major decisions without the population’s consent, especially in order to appease large corporations and rich men.

What do these foolish men expect when they outsource jobs that can be done by English workers to foreign countries, cripple local industry in order to make more profits by hiring cheap overseas labor, and dismantle local health services, all in the name of austerity. It is good to welcome strangers, but not at the expense of those born, bred and loyal to their own country. When you sell out  a nation, then you get sold out yourself.

Even so, thank God that the Protestant spirit is still alive in England. The battle is not yet over, but for sure, The Almighty still has His hand in the affairs of men.

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