The new Battle for Britain, and Cameron isn’t Nelson, Wellington, or Churchill.

‘You’re a 21st century Neville Chamberlain’ Cameron heckled and mocked in Brexit debate

DER Comment: The new Battle for Britain, and Cameron isn’t Nelson, Wellington, or Churchill. They wouldn’t have allowed the UK to be ruled by a secretive EU power elite. They fought for Britain and won. Cameron is fighting on the other side. The EU 28 countries (soon to be 33) have overruled the UK in 72 of the last 72 votes. Cameron has no ‘say’. The EU has already quit him. The EU looks after its own interests, not Britain’s, and we are just a cash cow to subsidise their failed economic policies, and failed political project. They have bankrupt countries, high unemployment, uncontrolled migration, and terrorism, and poor trade with the world. They have worked against our interests and gradually pushed us down. They won’t ‘reform’, just steamroller on to destruction. We are Great Britain and can stand on our own feet. Fortune favours the brave. Hold your nerve, we can do it. Love your kids future. Love Britain. VOTE LEAVE!

DER Comment: Cameron is nothing more than a fifth columnist for the enemies of Britain and when we leave EU so should he and his circus of appeasers

DER Comment: He threw in Churchill’s name and thought that would convince us he’s a patriot. Well I see it as Patriotic Games!
Yes it went something like “Look I sit eight metres from where Churchilll did….” and GW says “So what? You’re not Churchill ar’ya?

DER Comment: Cameron is worse than chamberlain ever was,at least hitler was still in Germany,Cameron’s bit of paper is a little bit late,the enemy is already here,Londonistan,Bradford,Leicester,Birmingham,Rotherham just to name few,do the right thing and VOTE OUT.

Oh Dear. “Can’t Win Cameron” is riding the Queen’s horse Guy Fawkes? Just put Cameron out of his misery instead.


GW: Dave the tame dog has finally had to face up to some “selected” real representatives of that vast swathe of people called “The Electorate” and actually justify his feeble EU Policy on a Question Time Special with Dimblebob. Previously Dave has only read about the existence of this mythical group whilst seated on red leather in the Eton library. Does Dave like “real people”? Well No. However since 2010 he has doggedly put up with every contrived stunt known to man to show his “man of the people” credentials all the while diligently listening to “His Master’s Voice” but suppressing his rage at having to do this “unnatural act”. Consequently DoLittle Dave often resembles a “constipated man with a digestive upset.” (borrowed from an enlightened DER) Meeting the GP must be the stuff of nightmares for these guys.


Cameron’s Packing More Bags Since Last Seen Up Close


GW: Look at the puffy skin as well. Cameron’s been “necking it” and smoking like a chimney! What an unhealthy lifestyle indeed! As someone remarked at Daily Express Cameron is not a good advertisement for the Westminster “lifestyle”.


Are they IN or OUT in Watford on 23 June? are_you_In_or_Out_/

WOR Comment: The EU is undemocratic, unaccountable and anonymous. It favours big business which enjoy the protection of laws that stifles any SME that wants to trade. The Lisbon Treaty has yet to take full effect and there are still many amendments that reduce our sovereign power yet to come in. Staying in is not a status quo; it is signing up for surrendering more control of our laws, finances and security – all defined by people we did not vote for or even know who they are!

WOR Comment: Europe are neighbours, that is all. In my road, my neighbours and I get along really well. We take in parcels for each other, lend hedge trimmers and will act if we see someone breaking in. But my front door has a lock on it, and they CANNOT just wander in, make a cup of tea and watch my telly. And if Mrs Jenkins at no.27 overspends at Tesco and cannot afford her gas bill this month, I do not HAVE to give her a portion of my wages to make up for it. If Mr Brown and Mrs Bloggs at no.11 and 13 decide to fit solar panels and go green, I don’t have to, and they can’t make me. And if Mr Savage decides he wants to go up the pub and pick a fight, I’m under no obligation to go with him and join in, or even just watch his back. I didn’t elect my neighbours to be in charge of anything. And I didn’t elect the EU.

WOR Comment: OUT. Can anybody actually remember the ‘concessions’ David Cameron won for us in his negotiations that turned him from being fervently out to in?

WOR Comment: Next Thursday vote Out and help set your country free.

GW: One expects that Rich Harrington ToriCon MP Watford will vote Remain along with his master/poodle? “Dave the WonderDog” and Dorothy Thornhill the FibDem Mayor of E/Watford will vote Remain because of “ISIS and Putin” she said recently.

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