Top City Boss Inga Beale said Brexit is not the biggest risk to the global economy

She said: “I do not believe that the Brexit is the biggest risk to the global economy, part of the reason I say that is because of the time it will all take to wind out, because it’s not just going to happen overnight if there were an exit.”

GW: That’s where FLEXCIT comes in.

FLEXCIT: How WeWould Actually Leave The EU

Flexcit The Market Solution
to leaving the EU

Click to access flexcit.pdf

A US Citizen Wades In To BREXIT Debate – “let’s Just Brush Off The Horseshit”

(Gosh aren’t they direct) But we love our cousins really

You Brits want to know how Britain will be better off outside Everyone Underslavery???

Let us Americans and Brits brush off the Horse Shyt threats and lies coming out of Cameron’s mouth and these basturd European politicians

At the moment, the United States and Britain are in a World of trouble and hurt. It’s not just the British who will lose out if you Brits don’t exit the EU

The creation of the EU military goes a bit deeper than most people realize. A lot of it is connected economically with China’s over dominating control of manufacturing and supplies production

Politicians like Trump and Nigel Farage are being constantly hammered by the Psychotic Zi on ist controlled media to try and throw the public off and keep them from foiling their ultimate world dominating plan. Not only because these two are Patriotic and committed to their own country but also for economic reasons that we are all very well aware of, which have not been discussed in the debates

China, for the longest time, has been handed over economic control of manufacturing of our products and supplies. They have been given economic power and made us ‘Consumer’ states relying on their shyt quality products. They want to, of course, hold onto control of manufacturing to no end

China is putting us to our knees, not only through production and supplies, they are also buying our real estate and businesses

During the Bill Clinton and Blair era, China was handed a lot of economic power. This was the Zi oni sts plan. The Zi on ists thought they could control China financially through its banking system. Not only did it backfire on the stupid, greedy, Criminally Insane Zi on ists, China gained economic power and built its military forces

Should you Brits “Brexit” and Trump get into office, we can take back control of manufacturing and regain control of our products and supplies and, especially, our identity, culture and way of life. Not only will the US and GB regain economic control, we’ll produce superior quality products, our citizens will make good wages and the products will be affordable and far more preferable over the DROSS manufactured in China

If you don’t Brexit, you’re giving it up to Germany and the Superstate EU who has taken control of all aspects of your lives including your military, all so ‘1’ European country can prosper in the gaggle fkcd fiasco EU Third Reich controlling project, and that’s Germany…. Germany is using Britain and the rest of Europe as assembly line slaves while ensuring to maintain their manufacturing power through OVER-regulating EU directives to make sure you Brits ‘the little guys’ don’t stand a chance against their big corporations to put products out on the market. Obama, Cameron, Osborne, Clinton, Brussels and their Puppet Masters have p iss ed off Russia and China by attempting to Annex EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY on their western border into their SHYTHOLE EU project (Ukraine, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and stink hole Turkey) and their solution to any China and Russia aggression is to create an EU Army

Trumps ultimate goal is to bring back manufacturing of products and supplies to both Britain and the United States but he can’t do it unless you Brits exit the EU

Should you not exit the EU, the DOG and pathetic excuse of a ‘real’ woman, Hilary Clinton, will play the female card, get into office and continue to help her Zi oni st Puppet Masters further bring Britain and the United States to its knees

We will NEVER be able to regain our sovereignty, identity and culture if Britain loses the battle to leave the EU

The Zi on ist Puppet Masters and their minions Brown, Blair, Cameron, Osborne, Obama and Hilary are scared of my kind. We are the awakened spreading this information to give your people a fighting chance

Nonetheless our future depends on the Brits

Britain please save us all. Fight for your country…….

Millionaire John Boyle Told Newsnight “It would be ‘SUICIDE’ for the EU to stop trading with Britain, “

The Vote Leave campaigner told Newsnight: “One thing that has become increasingly clear is that if we vote leave, the idea somehow the European Union would not want to trade with us is absolutely arrant nonsense.”

Moment Labour voter praises Farage’s passion and says she will vote FOR Brexit

DER Comment: This is NOT about party politics rubbish , Labour, conservatives are not parties for the British…they are EU PARTIES, VOTING LEAVE
this is about saving the GB country
end of

DER Comment: The labour hierarchy is at odds with the membership and have gone too far along Cameron’s yellow brick road. The membership IS the party and the membership wants to LEAVE the EU.

DER Comment: Unfortunately the offence of Treason no longer exists. It was repealed many years ago by Tony Blair. He obviously did not want to risk ever being charge with the offence, I believe it still carried the death sentence.

GW: Corbyn was told he had to fight for the Remain side. The Remainiacs have failed with fear; failed with Cameron; failed with rhetoric; Corbyn is their last hope. “Help me Obi Wan Conorbyn you’re my only hope”

TELEVISION presenter Alex Polizzi compares the European Union to an “overpriced, badly run hotel.”

“Polizzi, who comes from a long line of successful hoteliers and is the granddaughter of Lord Forte, continues her attack on EU bureaucrats: “As a businesswoman I distrust any organisation where the accounts haven’t been given a clean bill of health in two decades.”

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