Time To Challenge the MSM Construct Re The Orlando Shooting And Other Stunts Pulled By TPTWTB

”The parasites that want to control our every thought cannot set up a totalitarian fascist state with private people owning guns, as we’d be able to defend ourselves. The NAZIs knew that, and abolished private gun ownership first before destroying democracy.

In today’s America, guns are still thought to be a Constitutional right, and the people are being shocked into believing that guns are the biggest threat they face, when it is the FBI that sets up most of the attacks.

Also never mentioned in the mainstream media is the effect of mind-bending drugs that the massacre – perpetrators are taking, or their being part of CIA Mind Kontrol programmes. That’s why they always have to be killed so the truth cannot get out.

The four men who supposedly bombed London transport in 2005 were not suicide bombers. They thought they were being paid to take part in an exercise. Their train was late, and when they arrived at Kings Cross station, and they found a real bombing had taken place, the penny dropped. They realised the danger they were in and ran for it. They were shot in The City during the morning, while heading for the airport hoping to get away. Gunshots were reported there. The Brazilian who was executed on the tube the next day was another witness to the fact that the bombings were carried out by the ‘Security’ services, not by supposed terrorists.”
More @ TAP


”The ‘Orlando shooter’ was gay; and was apparently being controlled by the FBI.

The Orlando gunman had used a gay dating app and had visited the LGBT nightclub on other occasions, witnesses say

At least four regular customers of Pulse, the gay nightclub, told the Orlando Sentinel that they had seen Mateen there before.

Omar Mateen was gay, say ex-wife Sitora Yusufiy and former friend.

The CIA has a history of using gay people as patsies.

Elliot Rodger – innocent patsy mind controlled.

Omar Mateen’s ex-wife told the Washington Post that Omar Mateen worked at a G4S Juvenile Detention Centre facility near Fort Pierce.”


Comment @ AAG:
G4S formerly Securicor

US Hdqr for G4S is in Jupiter, FL. That’s just a few miles south of the Hdqrs for Durand Jirga. Omar had ties to both.

G4S ties to CIA, Wackenhut:
[link to http://www.blindbatnews.com]

Orlando gunman worked for security firm in Jupiter


Comment @ AAG: Why bother to have a SWAT team–Special Weapons and TACTICS–if they’re not going to use that training they get to save lives? SWAT waited for three hours until they final gained access? Why, did they live the sound of an assault rifle going ‘pop, pop, pop?’

To kill and wound that many means at least 200 rounds were fired, and they stood by and did nothing while the Reaper gathered his harvest?

Either a psyops or the SWAT team should be disbanded.

Comment @ AAG: Florida is Bush territory and more than one of them is gay. Photo – Bush holding hands with fellow conspirator Saudi Bandar Bush.

UK Column Has also done an in-depth analysis – Patrick Henningsen & Alex Thompson & Brian Gerrish have produced one of their famous ”wiring diagrams” to show the intell connections of the so-called single shooter.

UK Column News 13 June 2016


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