‘It has broken our hearts’: Allotment holders react to Farm Terrace decision

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/14519461._It_has_broken_our_hearts Allotment_holders_react_to_Farm_Terrace_decision/

Dorothy Thornhill MorrissonsWOR Comment: It is sad & short sighted the allotments will be gone in favour of a project which may never be built or completed. This is a complete travesty why could they not have been included for the money spent chasing the plot holders. Wasted , £660,000 I’m told spent because someone couldn’t stand losing, and politicians central and local carry on destroying all alongside greedy businesses. How much will be left soon that hasn’t been tarmac covered, concreted over or built upon. Just shows me how much is actually being taken care of our country/countryside. Sad!!


WOR Comment: Fri 27 May 16
A brave fight by a local community trying to defend a valuable green asset against greedy developers. ‘Greedy’ is justified as we know that the original plans were viable without the allotments and their inclusion is simply to make more profit for the developers. With no prospect of the regeneration of Watford Hospital and the Commissioners looking at an option to relocate it to ‘a more central location’, this development is little more than a housing estate. It should be called ‘The Wealth Campus’ from now on.

WOR Comment: Thu 26 May 16
A sad day. Lots of money spent. A new road under construction, some new housing coming for developers to boost their bank accounts, BUT NO SIGN OF IMPROVED HOSPITAL! When will Dotty stop claiming it is a once in a lifetimes opportunity. She does not actually have the power to make the hospital happen and should stop claiming so. I now detest her arrogance.

WOR Comment: forget future generations as we continue to defer to a minority Eton mess with their pristine green fields that believe in ‘affordable CROWD placing’. Welcome to a congested barren landscape where grandparents will talk to their grandchildren about times past where bees and butterflies had a home where all sort of wild things lived. I suppose we could buy off some third world gov’t to suppress their development and keep their forests as some sort of tax write off to meet GB emission targets for planet earth .

WOR Comment: Disgusting response from the Secretary of State. NHS billions overspent. No money for new hospital buildings here or anywhere else.
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Richard_Harrington_3499295bWOR Comment: So with a deficit of 32.8 million pounds for year ending march 2016 as stated by Don Richards, the trust’s chief financial officer, Dotty will concrete over the allotments so a new hospital can be built.I think the cost will come from the money tree planted at the town Hall! The logic of this idiotic decision in beyond reason and the only ones to benefit are the developers hence WEALTH CAMPUS. Totally Bonkers but what you would expect from Harrington and his arrogant Government!

WOR Comment: Terrible decision. THERE WILL BE NO NEW HOSPITAL – there’s no money to improve what’s there, let alone build any new facilities. WE DO NOT NEED MORE FLATS IN WEST WATFORD – it’s already enormously overcrowded with crumbling infrastructure that the road will not alleviate. ALLOTMENTS ARE NOT DERELICT LAND – these are well-kept and well-loved green spaces that, once gone, will never be replaced. And the allegation that SJT abandoned her principles and sided with Ukip is a shameful lie. The local Ukip candidate saw an opportunity to oppose Thornhill and took it, and the local press lapped it up. You owe an apology, NoPasaran.

WOR Comment: The thing that sticks in my craw is the bare-faced lies and blatant profiteering. Dorothy trots out garbage about brownfield regeneration, turning her nose up at the businesses that did operate from that area, businesses that aren’t nice and tidy, solicitors and estate agents and hair salons – these were haulage companies, builders yards, motor vehicle mechanics, plant hire etc. The scrub land was a biodiverse ecosystem. The allotments are valuable to the community. She’s a snob. Plain and simple. Hand in the till as well, no doubt.


REVEALED: Watford Health Campus £3.8m overspend

greg clarkehttp://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/14491105.REVEALED Watford_Health_Campus 3_8m_overspend/

GW: So to save Watford Politicians Dorothy Thornhill & TC MP Rich Harrington’s bacon the TC Sec Of State for Communities & Local Government Greg Clark swiped Farm Terrace Allotments.

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