This week’s headlines from in case you missed them.

Patients urged not to go to Horton Hospital during doctors’ strike

Dr-Clive-Peedell DM

Dr-Clive-Peedell DM

“Cancer consultant Dr Clive Peedell, who stood for the National Health Action Party for Chipping Norton at the general election, said: “Urgent and emergency provision (including maternity, oncology, renal dialysis, trauma and other urgent services) will continue. Non-urgent elective operations and outpatient appointments are being rescheduled and all patients affected will have been contacted and offered an alternative appointment.

“We want patients to know that junior doctors have GPs’ and senior doctors’ support and that we will care for them whilst they act in the best interests of the NHS as a whole by standing up to the government.”

Junior doctors strike will not put patients at risk, say senior medics

“More than 2,500 consultants, GPs and senior doctors have signed a letter to David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt in support of their striking junior colleagues, offering assurances that patients will be kept safe during next week’s walkout.”

“Among the prominent signatories are: Clare Gerada, the former chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners; Clive Peedell, the co-leader of the National Health Action party; Peter-Marc Fortune, the president elect of the Paediatric Intensive Care Society; and Raman Uberoi, the president of the British Society of Interventional Radiology.”

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