Tory MPs call for compulsory academies plan to be dropped from Queen’s speech

GR Comment: This government are an absolute sham. Every single department simply plays to game of attempting to move as much of the state in to the private sector as they can. They’re not a serious government, they act more like administrators, trying to asset strip a failed company. If it appears politically damaging they simply change course and set their sights on asset stripping something else. They’ve got the backbone of an amoeba and the character of a vulture. None of the key ministers have actually got a shred of credibility in the field they are vandalising.

Health – Hunt. A militant privatiser, laid bare in his ill judged publications. Removed from previous job for corporate cronyism. Now ramming our NHS into the private sector and destroying the careers of our finest professionals.
Education – Morgan – An ideological public school prefect, promoted for her ability to dodge scrutiny with vacuous, non-answers and fake empathy. No knowledge whatsoever of local government or local schools. I’d be extremely interested to know what age Nicky Morgan was when she first set foot in a comprehensive school.
Economy – Osborne – A man with literally zero economic qualifications, driven by insatiable leadership ambitions and a fiercely secretive personal tax return. Borrowing money like a Wonga addict but preaching austerity. A total charlatan and devout Thatcherite, but with none of the honesty or backbone.
Business – Javid – An incompetent buffoon. An architect of the collapse of the global economy with his friends in the city, now lecturing us on why nationalisation doesn’t work, before proceeding to part nationalise steel anyway. A fraudulent, shrimp of a man.

This is not a real government. Every decision, every utterance is a carefully calculated assault on our state with deceit at its very heart. Even Mrs. Thatcher laid her plans bare – she had the bollocks to actually explain why she wanted privatisation, instead of simply pretending she wasn’t doing it like this shower. She had the bollocks to actually go ahead with poll tax, even though it was her downfall. Cameron would never do that. There is no policy this government wouldn’t introduce, and no policy they wouldn’t renege on to keep the wheels of their own ambition greased.

GR Comment: The academies policy has been a scandalous failure in every sense. It has failed educationally and led to widespread financial abuse and corruption. There should be public inquiry into its whole operation which I believe would lead to several prosecutions.

GR Comment: Brilliant news, well done to the Tories involved, for Corbyn for leading on it, and for Lucy Powell for calling on Tories to support her stance. Good stuff.

GR Comment: So when the whips report back to Osborne and tell him to do another U-turn the Tory Spin Doctors will be praising The Listening Chancellor again. Hopefully Nicki Morgan, Jeremy Hunt and Chris Grayling will be dumped in the Post Referendum Re-shuffle. Sajid Javid also needs replacing for his do-nothing reaction to Chinese Steel Dumping.

GR Comment: I can never tire of watching this. Beautiful.

GR Comment: Has there EVER been a Government whose policies have had to be U-turned so often

and when they haven’t been u-turned ,they are recognised by themselves as having been a cock up …as with Health and Lansley’s re-organisation as the G. told us t’other day

The Health Act is seen by many in government as one of the biggest mistakes they made in the last parliament

GR Comment: Excellent News

and Jeremy Corbyn called it right again at PMQs

GR Comment: Even the Tories are feeling let down by this Government now. Some of my relatives have always voted tory but are so angry with them that they have changed their mind. My dad is a tory but he is angry about my job insecurity which has been going on for years now, so he is voting Labour (I work at a college and my job has been under threat for years). They are in danger of losing their long held support. They have forgotten that protecting pensioners doesn’t work as they are still fearful for their children.

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