NHS offers a HUGE £2.5k a week for spin doctor to fix junior doctor disaster


DER Comment: 2 hours ago
No expense spared when it comes to implementing their ideological plans for our beloved NHS. Cameron’s silence is deafening, the man is a coward.

DER Comment: I suppose telling the TRUTH, would be too much to expect?

Cameron, as usual, is nowhere to be seen in all this chaos.
Cameron’s greatest strength, surrounding himself with idiots who are willing to take the bullet for him.

DER Reply: Cameron’s far too busy licking the back-end of another corrupt EU comrade from across the pond,and another well paid TTIP expectant corrupt EU supporter

DER Comment: It would be cheaper to sack Hunt. How this idiot ever got a Cabinet Post beats me. But! It just goes to show Cameron’s lack of judgement in selecting his useless Cabinet. All the good ones have resigned.

DER Comment: I can’t see a spin doctor helps much. Spinning is hardly going to work on doctors who use reason based thinking and are more intelligent than the average politician,. and can do sums which politicians never can. BS will not work.

DER Comment: Maybe they should have employed him at the START of negotiations?Jeremy Hunt has made a complete mess of the negotiation

DER Comment: The new spin Doc will be either Australian or most likely American.I feel a coal miners job coming on, the crafty government are implementing this using the drippy flop Hunt to bring in the future TTIP controlled NHS, or the N paid again for H S.

DER Comment: Yes Wills999, it’s just around the corner, I can see the little people, that’s me, receiving instructions daily via a local foreign spin Doc, that’s if we are still in the corrupt E

GW: So the tax payer has to fork out money on top of Hunt’s salary for something Hunt is unable to get sorted? Petition to say Hunt should pay his own costs coming up? Keep it up folks. Hunt’s definitely feeling the heat. Packing 2 bags yet? With a bit of luck he will fall off his bike completely and …… Stoppit GovWatch. Morning Gideon. Sleep well? Is that Russian Caravan or are we on the Mint today?

Btw how is our guest Gideon? Well GW I took breakfast with The Independent & Guardian to the library and so far as I can tell he’s still there. Well Gideon we had better go and see what he’s up to. Slip Slap Slip Slap PadPadPad. Knock Knock Turn Creak. Rustle Rustle Clatter Bang. Oops sorry NLAT it’s just us. We thought you could do with some company. Was it all right in the West Wing? Ah Good. We were just saying what an a*** young Jeremy has turned out to be. Why only the other day we saw that Uncle Ken, Uncle Nicholas AND Uncle Peter were all protecting his precious behind with regards to the JD row. Now they have only gone and hired another nanny! A tad spoilt don’t you think? They should be trying to make him man up a bit by now surely. Lord knows what will happen to him when his Mother sends him off to Big School!

You don’t say! Yes they really are the pits. Gideon and I couldn’t find one person at Badger’s Drinks Do on Friday who had a good word to say about them.

Ministers don’t know what effect their cuts are having on people with mental health problems


Slap Point Point Point – Yes I know NLAT – Him as well! They are all simply dreadful!

John Whittingdale under parliamentary investigation over MTV awards trip


And …..

Government spends £100 000 on lawyers to defend the bedroom tax

Oh not more ToriTwanker Over Soending! Stop NLAT. Can’t STAND IT. Gideon? Yes GW? Can you give Martin and Candace a ring please. We can all go to Mickentonk’s for lunch.

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