UK Column News 1 April 2016

ukc 1 april 2016 april fools joke very unpleasant
Unpleasant April Fool’s joke hides a serious issue.
ukc 1 april 2016 child abuse indust scale
Child Abuse happening on an ”industrial scale” and a judge seems to have replaced the UK Police Force so that none of the allegations are now being investigated properly.
ukc 1 april 2016 the body parts industry worrying
Is this article admitting that children are being sought for ”the body parts  industry?”
ukc 1 april 2016 D Landman and Common Purpose and collapse of tata steel
UK Column took a look at the Tata Steel situation and thinks it has found out what is really going on. Mr Landsman is Common Purpose trained apparently.
ukc 1 april 2016 David Scott has vested interest in steel
David Scott from ”Northern Exposure” is a structural engineer with a vested interest in British Steel.
ukc 1 april 2016 Steel failure in India D Scott
Mr Scott said this recent collapse in India which killed quite a few people was because the design and materials were structurally unsound.
ukc 1 april 2016 Steel failure in India 2 D Scott
More evidence of structural failure of the Indian Building Project.
ukc 1 april 2016 lancashire altering child records c wood
Lancashire County Council have been in a long & protracted battle to discredit the whistleblower Carol Woods who brought to the public realm the fact that she was ordered by LCC to falsely alter social service records of children and this she refused to do.
ukc 1 april 2016 the power of public opinion scotland swings gov psn
The power of public opinion after some well organised campaign meetings by activists has managed to alter politicians’ views about the ”Named Persons Scheme” – as in Animal Farm – GOOD has now become NO GOOD. Hmmm
ukc 1 april 2016 the power of public opinion scotland swings gov psn 2
Nicola Sturgeon is still telling everybody that the ”named person” only acts to ”protect” your child if you ask them for help. Whereas Mr Scott shows the part of the act where it says if you are reported as ”suspicious” by a third-party investigations will commence.
ukc 1 april 2016 heated discussion between parents now considered danger to child
Even if parents are seen being involved in a ”heated discussion” this could be interpreted as their child being ”in danger”.
ukc 1 april 2016 eastern front goes nuclear threatening russia
Russia is being threatened on the Eastern Border by a EU buildup of nuclear weapons.
ukc 1 april 2016 obomber nuclear arms race
Obomber attempts to start new nuclear arms race. TPTB are certainly pushing all the buttons they can find to ramp up the ”fear factor” atmo and maybe all those southern hemisphere boltholes they have been salting away might just come in handy for them.  Hmmm
ukc 1 april 2016 colour rev china
Are we trying to create a ”Colour Revolution” in China by any chance?
ukc 1 april 2016 what is hammond doing in lebanon
What is the TC Wassock Hammond up to in Lebanon?
ukc 1 april 2016 zero hedge article on false flags
Article on the use by tptb of False Flags to advance their agendas is examined in an article @ Zero Hedge.

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