This leaked memo reveals David Cameron’s thoughts about the British steel crisis

You mean Dave has actually been thinking about Steel? What sort? Knives? Forks? Bars? Cabinets? Vices? Probably vices really – with his b**** in them.  Oh wait on it’s sewing needles.  That’s it.  It’s that fetish where they all sit around sewing their b**** to bedclothes isn’t it.

Cameron thinking:  ”This could be an all weekender.  I’ll need something to keep me going.”  Don’t forget the fags Dave.  Which sort GW?  Gideon?…..  Looking over my shoulder again!  That is naughty Gid – but I like it!  Better fetch the Russian Caravan Gideon.  It’s turning out to be one of those days.  Right away GW.

PS: ”The Tories’ Australian spin doctor Lynton Crosby referred to Mr Cameron as a ‘posh c***’ while he was working in the Conservative campaign HQ during the 2005 general election.”  Well Lynton ”Get the barnacles off the boat” doesn’t mince his words does he and therein lies the truth?

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