”Here stands a man who is proud of his handiwork.”

Osborne TataSomeone observed recently – What is it about the CamerOsborne that makes them so keen to want to put on dungarees and workmen’s helmets?

After all neither of them is built for physical exertion anyway and an open neck shirt and jeans looking on would be more realistic.

At least as far as we can tell, Corbyn doesn’t attempt to turn himself into something he isn’t just for a photo opportunity.

These two are so very passé.

Thanks to Dr Eoin Clarke for spotting it.

”The Red Cafe” – A New Haunt

”Chancellor invests £75 million into plans for one of the longest road tunnels in the world despite fears it may cause “psychological difficulties” ”

By Ben Riley-Smith, Political Correspondent
15 Mar 2016


George Osborne and his vanity projects.

What an absolutely ridiculous idea. What’s wrong with the man?

”I genuinely think he’s a sociopath. I’m not saying that because I think his reason behind wanting to make this tunnel is to cause psychological problems for people or anything daft like that, just because he’s as cold, self-serving and lacking in empathy as anyone I have ever seen and seems to have an ego the size of greater London.”


Tory Business Secretary takes his DAUGHTER to Australia while Britain’s steel industry faces meltdown


GW:  Another one!  This one doesn’t need to put a helmet on – he has one permanently attached.

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