5 Reasons why George Osborne is a failure


1 It’s the economy stupid – For all Osborne’s boasts, the economy is not doing as well as it should be.  2  Lacks Judegment – ”Too often they have pursued policies not in the national interest but in self interest.  3  Tries to be too clever – The Budget red book, which sets out the cost of each policy, clearly showed that he would be cutting Personal Independence Payments by £4.4bn over the next four years and cutting capital gains tax for a rich few by £2.7bn over the same period.”  He has 11 advisers  – did NO-ONE scan this ahead of announcement? 4 He doesn’t look normal – despite an expensive ”makeover” 5 His questionable friends, what friends?

Even Corbyn’s critics admit he has done well in the Port Talbot steel crisis


Tory Cabinet nonentities mean British people are lions led by limp, lame lambs

Brian Reade:

How must steel-workers, junior doctors, teachers or soldiers feel knowing their fate is in the hands of mediocrities like Jeremy Hunt or Sajid Javid?


Thanks to Labour Left for this link.

”Jeremy Corbyn infuriated photographers and the press but delighted members of the public after he took to the streets of Bristol.”


Thanks to Labour Left for this link.

Ellie Goulding condems Tori Thugs who shouted”Who are you?” at Corbyn



Comment:  ”Cameron on a visit to Washington said he was right to block plans that he argued would re-write not simply the tariff rules on steel but the entire tariff infrastructure of the EU.

He thinks he was right not to stop Chinese steel imports from destroying the UK’s Steel industry.  You have it from the horse’s mouth – He couldn’t care less about the UK.”



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