NASUWT – Normally A Rather Conservative Organisation Gave Nicky Morgan A Slow or Rather No Hand Clap And Even Managed A Couple Of Heckles

GR Comment:  ”Loved the Photo of Jeremy getting a hug. Tells you something don’t you think? When did you last see Hunt, Osbourne, Cameron et al getting so close to ordinary people? And just look at that beaming smile! Jeremy actually likes people and sees his reason detre as improving their lives—What a contrast to Neo Liberal types who only reserve their affections for their bank managers (off shore of course!)”

GR Comment:  ”I wonder if the Tories know that their entire m.o. seems to be saying “we are too shit and incompetent to do anything so let’s just give it all to these business types to run” because it’s actually quite brilliant and explains why people swallow it.
It’s a load of pish of course”

GR Comment: ”What I do not understand is why the Tory kakistocracy has not (yet) devised a plan to privatise the armed forces. Can they really believe that some roles are better left in the hands of the Government, or do their rich chums in the City not wish to run the risk of an invasion going wrong?”

GR Comment: For those of you (like me before reading this) weren’t too sure about the pros and cons of academies and obviously one shouldn’t listen to a word any Government spokesperson says, please take a look at this article to obtain at least a bit more info on the subject – I hope it’s reasonably unbiased (as much as anything can be!)

GR Comment: ”Thanks… Here is another one that might throw some light on reality for the tory trolls on here…”

GR Comment: 

”Talking of asset stripping, remember this from the Guardian just after the 2010 election

The government has asked Sir Philip Green, the billionaire owner of high street retail chains including Topshop and Dorothy Perkins, to carry out an external review of its drive to cut public spending, it was announced yesterday.

Cameron really has a firm touch with his advisers hasn’t he ?

Now there are calls for Green to be stripped of his knighthood. Why ?

He is facing mounting criticism over his financial stewardship of the department store chain BHS, which he bought in 2000 and offloaded last March for the nominal sum of £1

When Sir Philip bought the retailer, the investment fund underpinning this scheme, which promised to give its members an annual income in retirement based on their final salary, boasted a healthy surplus.

However, as the firm’s fortunes waned, so did the fund’s financial position. By the time Green offloaded BHS, it was reporting a shortfall of more than £450 million

and why is he being labelled a villain…he is ordering his very expensive THIRD yacht…figure over 100 million But observers report argue that the main reason for the shortfall is

the fact that during his 15 years in control of BHS, Sir Philip took more than £400 million out of the firm via special dividends paid to his wife Tina, who lives in the tax haven of Monaco.
Though perfectly legal, the tax-efficient payments meant that cash which might otherwise have been used to bolster the pension fund or, indeed, to invest more in the firm’s long-term future, was instead funnelled into the family coffers. ( Daily Mail)

with which he can treat himself to another yacht!”

GR Comment:  ”Like economists who know the economy better than the Tories, scientists on sciences, medical professionals on the NHS, etc, teachers understand education better than the toffs.

That is why they are laughed at Nicky Morgan when she tried to peddle her extreme ideological claptrap to them.

The bottom line is that those responsible for the health and education of your children, hate the Tories.. for a reason.”

”Chris Keates, the NASUWT general secretary, said the findings were “shocking”””

GR Comment: ”Another useful comment Jonathan… You may be interested in this…”

GR Comment:  ”Academy schools, charter schools, a scam. Don’t do it:”

GR Comment:  ”All about the winners from the academies business….”

GR Comment:  ”I keep returning to this site hoping to see some coverage of Nicky Morgan’s speech to the NASUWT but can’t understand why it does not seem to be newsworthy enough for the Guardian to cover it.”

GW:  Telling teachers they are the people to improve matters and so they should fully get behind TC academization????  Even if it’s not a good idea in their opinion???  What sort of Orwellian speak is that???

GR Comment: ”Morgan had a bad time …deservedly

Let’s not talk too much about that, eh?”

GR Comment:  ”Acadmisation is simply privatisation of education. Education for profit inevitably diverts money from educational resources into private pockets. Trusts are but a disguise. In all pretence and purposes they are commercial entities for profit. ‘Not for profit Trusts’ they are not.
This Conservative government has turned it’s back on the concept of universal education for all, available irrespective of background or family income. It is designed to disrupt meritocracy in favour of a system of privilege.
Clearly local parental involvement in schools is seen as hinderence to their aims. It also centralises education policy removing any sensitivity to local needs and preferences. Cameron jokingly (perhaps not) accused Gove of having Maoist tendencies. Well, many a true word is said in jest. This policy shows the Conservatives displaying Soviet tendencies of political centralisation. Strange since for years they condemned such socialist ideas.”

GR Comment: ”More tax payers money funding the CEOs and shareholders and not educating our children when the European and US etc corporations move into the academy field to add to their private health portfolio’s in years to come.

Quickly followed by the marginalization and effectiveness of teacher unions and the end of national pay awards with the obvious knock-on effect geographically for recruiting and retaining the best teachers and so called social mobility which had a crash long ago for large numbers.

Happy days!!!…….”

GR Comment:  ”Voice from inside an academy – letter from an Academy governor”

GR Comment:  ”I know for a fact that Nicky Morgan spoke at Loughborough Grammar School, in her constituency, and congratulated it on having remained a state grammar school. It is in fact a private school. I long for the day when my friend Pat Glass MP is the Secretary of State for Education. All the best politicians started out on Lanchester Parish Council”

GR Comment: ”A more complete report on the Indie site which includes Corbyn’s standing ovation:”

GR Comment:  ”Someone on another thread just shared this link”

GR Comment:
There you go, although I would like them to acknowledge the standing ovation, even the Daily Mail are reporting that.

GR Comment:  ”I’m just guessing but does anyone think that current Secretary of State for Education, one Nicky Morgan, privately educated at Surbiton High School and subsequently St Hugh’s College, Oxford, has any dark agenda when insisting that parents are not good governors and that ALL schools should become Academies. Has she based her decision on knowledge and experience, having now been in situ as SSE for almost two whole years (taking over from one Michael Gove), despite the fact that a significant number of teachers profoundly disagree with her?
Or that her pre MP status was as a corporate lawyer specialising in …. mergers and acquisitions!

I also wonder if her previous jobs in government including Economic Secretary to the Treasury followed by Financial Secretary to the Treasury had any influence in David Cameron appointing her to Education with her current agenda now unfolding!”

Osborne to base entire budget on plan to turn all English schools into academies
GW: What hyperbole is that Desperation or what?  Isn’t there any industry/enterprise left George?

Nicky Morgan warns teachers she has got no ‘reverse gear’
GW: Then she has failed her MOT hasn’t she?

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