22/3 – Appropriate Signature For A False Flag

22 mar 322http://tapnewswire.com/2016/03/false-flag/

GW:  Allows CammoFlage to simp on the News about attending a Cobra Meeting.  Eiffel Tower lit up in Belgium colours so quickly?  It’s as if they knew in advance.  The ”terrorists” made sure they were heard to speak in arabic.  How very convenient.  One particular ”witness” on ITV news was remarkably calm and reported the whole very long story fluently without any natural pauses or any slight hesitations.  It was as if she was delivering a speech?



Belgium Cops Had Prior Knowledge Of Event & UK Police Were ”Preparing For Something Big” Beforehand – Reported 7 March

March 7, 2016


This stuff is meticulously planned in advance with different ”scenarios” so tptb have ”choices” depending upon which outcome they require – The ”patsies” inevitably die at the scene so they can’t be questioned or slightly later when they are gunned down ”on the run”.  Evidence is planted at the scene – it seems that an abandoned ”suicide belt” was found at the Belgium scene.  The media images taken at the airport after the event show a few people in an empty room with luggage strategically placed.  The floor is remarkably pristine if the bomber really ”died at the scene”.  No dropped items of clothing or children’s items strewn.  In their haste to exit, all the passengers just left their luggage.  Nothing else???  Who would leave luggage behind anyway?  You’d dam sure take it with you wouldn’t you?  So far so lame.  This ”IS” has deep pockets if several different plots were being run in different places. Funny how George Soros’ bags under his eyes are looking incredible at the moment.  Must be all that 24/7 money laundering he’s had to do as well as some vote rigging in the US and of course predicting worldwide financial mayhem. What a busy life he leads!

Tax Records Show George Soros Funded the Ferguson Riots, But The Amount He Spent is The Real Story!

BOMBSHELL: Tax Records Show George Soros Funded the Ferguson Riots, But The Amount He Spent is The Real Story!

Soros and Other Liberal Donors to Fund Bid to Spur Latino Voters

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