the Guardian mods are terrified the ‘Putinbots’ will turn us all into pod people

2 April 2015

”This does explain an awful lot about what goes down on CiF doesn’t it. “Oh my Gaaahd…the trolls are everywhere – even when you can’t see them!” It looks like Luke Harding isn’t alone in his conspiracy-haunted world, and that some degree of paranoia is a bit of a requisite for admission into the increasingly embattled Guardian paradigm. I suppose seeing themselves as fighting a valiant Aragorn-style last stand against the encircling hordes of Mordor is a bit easier to live with than the idea they are simply stifling free debate at the bidding of their bosses. Makes it easier to sleep at night and look into the innocent flower-like faces of their children.”

the Guardian mods are terrified the ‘Putinbots’ will turn us all into pod people

The UK is fighting back against the ”Putin-Bots” with ”Brigade 77” a group of individuals employed by the UK forces to troll about the InternetWork leaving Anti-Putin remarks in chat boxes.  PHEFFER!  It really does all sound a bit juvenile doesn’t it?

Russian Troll House

55 Savushkina Street, St Petersburg, said to be the headquarters of Russia’s ‘troll army’. Photograph: Shaun Walker for the Guardian

We have ”Dolls Houses” whereas the Ruskies have ”Trolls Houses.” Hmmm.  And they are bigger!

‘The 2,000-strong brigade will have the same number, 77, and the same emblem – of a Chindit, a mythical Burmese beast – as the one under Brigadier Orde Wingate. But, as well as being ready for combat, the troops will be armed with modern skill sets including being adept in social media and new technology.”

GR Comment:  ”The only “surprising” thing about this article is that anyone should be surprised at all!
It’s well known in the on-line blogging community that there are ”white hat” and ”black hat” trolls (of all states, yes including UK and US) being paid to post 24/7 on all social media platforms.
If you think that Putin is the only pay-master think again. The Kremlin has arrived relatively late to the game – wake up world and smell the coffee!”


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