Jeremy Hunt on the NHS: ”The Monday After the Weekend Before”

The Junior Doctors will grow to appreciate their new contract? Good grief! J Hunt’s Recent Friday Night Secret Drinks & Canapes Party in Fareham must have been a real doozy!  Hunt spoke to KKK Ken Clarke for reassurance did he?  The bloke who gave the keys of Broadmoor to Savile.  ”As one psychopath to another Jeremy you are doin’ a real fine job.”

GR Comment:‘Hunt doing the Times crossword in the photo.

“Mmmmm, four letters starts with ‘C’, ryhmes with Hunt…. Name associated with health secretary…. What could it be, what could it be?”

GR Comment:

We have got to learn that we can’t vilify doctors every time something goes wrong. We have to recognise that the most important thing is to learn from what went wrong;

”He needs to hear himself. He is still not addressing the issue that you can’t extend to a 24/7 service without more staff, and the doctors are just the first to go through this process of renegotiation of hours and reward. This government constantly thinks it can have more for less, building its boasts on the backs of already hardworking people, while MPs swan around having 2 -5 jobs on the backs of their very limited working hours, with no targets, no oversight of quality of performance, no contract and only vague job descriptions.” 

GR Comment: ”The health secretary explains why he is proud of the NHS

If he’s so “proud” of it, how come he co-authored a book ridiculing it and calling for it to be dismantled?

And how come former senior Tory Cabinet Minister Michael Portillo admits that the Tories don’t dare tell the truth about their plans for the NHS otherwise they’d never get elected?

Why not challenge him on these facts, Guardian, instead of allowing a cynical and mendacious puff-piece to go unquestioned?”

should hunt be sacked mirror

Recent Mirror Poll – Someone said that those who voted ”No” were just J Hunt’s immediate family. No is now 4% btw.

GR Comment:  ”I have just skip-read the book which he co-authored -” Direct Democracy – an agenda for a new model party” and noted the parts relating to the NHS. I cannot begin to understand why he is in the job he is in, other than to decimate the NHS. Try this – the NHS parts are highlighted..”

GR Comment: Quality of care needs investment and happy teams of staff. And, waiting times are part of the quality of care – if you wait too long with an illness no amount of quality care will fix the problem.
Quality of care means listening to the patient with face to face discussion, and we know Mr Hunt has little experience of that. We have been having sweet words about the NHS since “safe in our hands” and “no top down reorganization”. We have learned that the best interpretation of the words spoken is to assume they mean the opposite.

GR Comment:  ”Am I reading the Torian?”

GR Comment: ”Jeremy Hwat thinks junior doctors will come to appreciate their new imposed contract in time.

Didn’t Tony Blair say something similar about Iraq? Something about how, in the future people would see that he was right to lie us into an illegal war and to commit mass murder? Okay, Hwat’s crime is nowhere near as heinous, but the delusion is the same.

The thing about the pathological political liar is that they must convince themselves of the lie before they then try to convince others. They should be in psychiatric care. What’s the contact for NHS psychiatrists, Hwat? Maybe he should ask Gidiot’s brother.

Quit while you’re behind, Hwat.”

GR Comment:  ”Why is his “poor me” piece being given space in the Guardian, whilst the search continues for a beautiful junior doctor who appears to have committed suicide, the day after he “nuked” her and thousands of others?”

GR Comment: 

What we have, with the NHS free at the point of care, is pretty special, he says, and he would not change the way it is funded.

”The problem with an established reputation for brazen lying – which began when he masqueraded as an impartial overseer of the BSkyB deal whilst acting as a broker for Murdoch is that no one believes this for one second. The man is the embodiment of deceit.”

GR Comment: ”I do not think it unreasonable that the NHS should offer services that are viable 24/7
I do not think it unreasonable that workers at any level should be paid a premium for working on the weekends, as they would in other fields.
I do feel that Mr Cxxt and colleagues have unfairly demonized doctors as the sole barrier to this. Nurses, porters and junior doctors work their arses off each weekend. Administrators and other ancillary staff who are essential for a “full” service go home. I have seen no evidence of changes to their normal hours or rates of pay.
I do not believe that doctors, junior (unfair and pejorative term – I may be junior as per mr Cxxt but I am massively over qualified by comparison to his position ) or otherwise are a barrier to a 24/7 NHS.
At this point in time, the most significant obstacle is mr Cxxt himself.
If he is truly committed to the advancement of the NHS rather than the denigration and dissolution of the healing professions then the only rational course of action is resignation.

Declaration of interest – surgeon, no longer in the NHS.


GR Comment: ” How about starting this revolution in quality by giving us a quality Health Minister and resigning you complete a#se!”

GR Comment:  ”The trouble with a puff piece like this is that it makes JH look reasonable. Even in this short interview there are numerous demonstrable lies which go unchallenged (see here for more on JH’s 8 “studies” As a doctor I am frankly appalled and heartbroken by the poor standards of journalism in this article. When I can investigate and debunk a politicians claims better than a journalist, it’s a very sad day indeed.”

Kestral for a KnaveGR Comment: ”doctors will come to appreciate their new imposed contract”

”This reminds me of the out-of-touch headmaster in the book A Kestral for a Knave in that he makes this long speech before caning the children. Making out he was doing them all a big favour by hitting them with a big stick and also telling them that ex pupils had later come over to him laughing about the times he used to cane them.”

GR Comment: ”What about this as a solution?”

No one trusts Westminster to ever do a good and fair job of anything, so how about a more motivational way to get them to do the right thing.

From today all MP’s & civil servants are only allowed to use public services such as the NHS and State Schools. No quick visits to the privates or paying to go to the best school.

If this were the case, I strongly suspect that we would have a health service and education system that really would be the envy of the world; say in about 3 months.”

GR Comment:The health secretary explains why he is proud of the NHS, why he thinks junior doctors will come to appreciate their new imposed contract in time and why quality is now more important than waiting times

Corrections to print:
1)Why he is proud of the abolition of the NHS SEE HERE.
2)Why he thinks the private health company Lobbyists will come to appreciate the new doctors’ contracts so that they can make savings and cream off more rent and profit.
3)And why enclosure of the health service to the rich will create inequalities (quality), and longer waiting times for the poor. This will make the rich richer in both monetary terms and access to health care terms.”

GR Comment: 

Hunt spoke in 2012 of “a kind of normalisation of cruelty where the unacceptable is legitimised and the callous becomes mundane”

Was he discussing Tory policy goals?

GR Comment:  ”I’m confused why we should be listening to someone who has got where he has due to the accident of his birth and the privilege which goes with it. Almost everything Hunt had achieved has been through contacts, corruption and nepotism. Where’s the achievement through merit? Where’s the expertise through experience, study and research? Something you could say about quite a few members of this posh boy government.”

GR Comment: ”It really is of importance to examine what Hunt calls Tory achievements in the NHS:

GR Comment: ”Two journalists finally find the tree this shyster has been hiding behind and get a face to face interview, and this is what they come up with?
Astonishing.”  Oh you are funny.

GR Comment:  ““One of the challenges I have as health secretary is that everything I do is automatically controversial because I am a politician and it’s automatically seen through the prism of ideology of party politics,”

”That has to rank as one of the most ignorant, arrogant, self-serving statements I have ever witnessed.  Stupid, almost beyond belief.”

GR Comment:  “Jeremy declares Jihad on the NHS” has GOT TO END.

The Last Leg CH 4 gave him “D1ck of the Year” Friday night before crushing a Pinata of him live on TV.”  Then called him a ”Daeshbag”

GR Comment:  ”They ( Tories ) just can’t stomach the last bastion of human compassion can they . They have tried their damndest to kill off this Leviathon of socialism by poisoning it with privatisation .”

GR Comment:  ”Interestingly they have even changed privatisation to ‘denationalisation’ to try and detoxify the profit motive.”

GR Comment:  ”But above all we have to preserve and protect the NHS from the machinations of this man an others like him quibbling over costs and wanting to privatise it.
Here are the figures for how well private medicine works
1944 (the year I was born) infant mortality 57 per 1000 births (all medicine was private)
2015 Under the NHS 4.2 per 1000 births.
The Torys were opposed to the creation of the NHS and voted against it, and they still see health as a means of generating profit first and last.”

GR Comment: ”I agree with Jeremy Hunt, quality is more important than waiting times and it should start at the top. That’s why he has to go. Are we supposed to be surprised that the man that made a mess of the Department for Culture is so out of his depth in the Department for Health? Cameron has form for promoting people way beyond their level of incompetence which is why Michael Gove is reversing almost everything Chris Grayling did at Justice.”  You had me there for a minute.

GR Comment:  ”and gove is constantly out of his depth, just not as far as grayling”

GR Comment: ”We are fast approaching Maximum Bullshit, a point at which the majority of people have absolutely no faith in their elected representatives, their banks or even their employers, and finally decide to do something about it.

DER Comment:  ”What a coward! If he truly believed that he was right and had the backing of the general public, then he would continue with all his normal activities. He will be after the consultants next and then the nurses and everyone else who works for the NHS except the highly paid senior managers and private ‘contractors’. His actions will make more doctors leave to work abroad and so make the staff shortages in the NHS even worse.”

DER Comment:  ”I watched Jeremy Hunt on News Night last evening, his mannerisms suggested he lied to nearly every question put to him during the interview. ”  GW also.   Paxman Emily Maitlis is not unfortunately.  Then again JH wouldn’t have faced Paxman. He has avoided Jon Snow CH 4 for 3 years!

Hunt No Go With Snow

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