Bus services being wiped out in England and Wales, research says


5 January 2016

‘We are determined to campaign to save these routes from closure’: One thousand signatures against bus cuts

”More than 700 people signed a petition over 24 hours to save two Watford bus routes.

142 Watford to Brent Cross

142 Watford to Brent Cross

Services 142, Watford Junction to Brent Cross, and 258, Watford Junction to South Harrow, are under threat if Hertfordshire County Council cuts its funding for the routes as planned in its proposed budget for 2016.

The route was used by 2060340 passengers during the 2014/15 financial year.

Currently, the authority shares funding of the services with Transport for London (TFL).


So far nearly 1,000 people have signed the paper petition on the Watford Labour Party website.”

Watford labourSusan Gaszczak said: “The 142 and 258 buses are never empty – my 12-year-old daughter uses it every day to get to Bushey Academy.”

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/14183138._We_are_determined_to_campaign_to_save_these routes_from_closure___One_thousand_signatures_against_bus_cuts/

WOR Comment:  ”I am really frightened about the impact that the cessation of the 142 and 258 bus service will have on our family. My wife and I cannot get to work any other way. How will we get to work and how will we support our family?

Absolutely terrified what this might mean for us and making mortgage payments. If the cuts happen, I cannot see how we can pay our bills – this could leave us homeless.

How dare the tories do this? Do they have no shame? I do not care if it is TFL or Herts Council – people are worried and rightly so. This bus service is used by so many. It is so heavily relied upon – what are the people in power thinking of?

The conservatives have definitely lost our votes. Putting us through this mental anguish is unfair.”  How much do the senior executives in Herts CC and TFL earn? I am sure that just losing one post would cover the £390k shortfall. However, these days it is about hurting those people who actually contribute to society, just to support the fat cats and the elite”

Bus Routes 142 & 258 Under Threat


WOR Comment:  ”Shows how remote and out of touch Herts County Council has become from our town. Cutting these London routes would be madness, they are well used and popular in Watford and provide a great link for many people heading into the London area.”

10 February 2015

Watford’s Tori Con MP Rich Harrington and The FibDem Mayor Dorothy Thornhill are ‘comfortable’ with the revised plans (read CUTS) to Watford’s Bus Services

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/11783094.Labour_launches_bus_cuts_petition_but_Watford_s_MP and_Mayor__comfortable__with_revised_plans/

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