Cameron desperate to stop scandal as secret plans to sell the NHS are discovered

Peoples NHSThe Conservative government have blocked access to legal documents that may show the impact of a controversial ‘free trade’ agreement on the NHS.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, known as TTIP, is a US-EU trade deal currently under negotiation, and is avidly supported by the likes of David Cameron and Barack Obama.

The blocked legal documents, campaigners have cautioned, may contain the extent to which, under TTIP, private NHS contractors could sue the government for introducing policies that negatively impact their profits.

The Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is the most controversial element of TTIP. It allows corporations to sue governments or public bodies before an arbitral tribunal, for policies that are perceived as harmful to their profits. An ‘arbitral tribunal’ is an international hearing, out of the courts and behind closed doors, which decides how much money these companies should get.

The supposed motive is to encourage foreign investment, despite there being no empirical evidence for this (there is no ISDS in any trade agreements Brazil has, or between the US and China).

ISDS is exclusive to foreign investment; US companies gain the right to these international arbitration tribunals, but EU companies must stick to national courts. Thus, ISDS can discriminate in favour of US companies.

The cost of legal proceedings is usually to the tune of millions of dollars, meaning it is only affordable for big business, despite medium to large companies amounting to only half the investors.

On the contrary, favouring American big business would disrupt free competition.”

Thanks to Tap Newswire for the link.
camHandComment: ”666 handsign
This man’s blackmailed and our political process we see on the news every night is not what you thought growing up. It’s broken, a nonsense. A Truman Show now because of politicians being blackmailed, their souls destroyed, given to Satan. I’m talking literally here, not in fairytales. This is a real physics phenomenon

‘ I am affiliated with people, who speak to the spirits of the Dead’
Roger Morneau – Satan’s Master Plan to Deceive the World and His Focus is Christians”

”With the George Soros Judaic NWO Migration Mega |Waves coming into Europe now, Germany, Calais, knocking on the UKs door, with Cameron (It wasn’t a pig Tapblog, something far far more appaling and Evil and disgusting,”

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