Tensions rise in Sweden as migrants go on rampage with makeshift weapons at refugee centre


The damage caused to the Swedish refugee centre

DER Comment: ”The whole thing is quite astonishing in the breadth of stupidity shown by Merkel and her kind. Firstly the complete lack of discrimination between genuinely vulnerable people in need of refuge and economic migrants/criminals/people traffickers and terrorists. Secondly the failure to restrict aid only to those from countries actually stricken by war. Thirdly (and perhaps worst of all) a failure to foresee the consequences of letting in mostly young men. (How that will help with the falling birthrate I fail to see – if German women aren’t having babies it’s highly unlikely these mostly male migrants will either). Fourthly the fact that most of these men will be incapable of doing any but the most unskilled jobs and we already have plenty of people to do those. I utterly fail to the see the logic behind these decisions and I wonder about the sanity of the people who made them.”

DER Comment: ”I wonder if they have been fed the idea of a Utopia if they come to Europe?” Yep someone called Soros told them that there was this crock of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Cargo Cult all over again.  http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Cargo_cult

DER Comment: ”You can be sure the traffickers have told them a load of porkies about what they will get in Europe in order for them to come up with the money they need to come here. So they are probably rather annoyed to find that after all that they just end up cooped up in a refuge. Obvious really to anyone but Angela Merkel!”

GW: Really sensible breaking the windows of your shelter in winter. What are these ‘migrants’ on? I’m not happy so I’m going to smash your place up. Petulant or what? They should all apply to join the Bullingdon Club!

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