Bombing Syria: Stop the War’s response to British parliamentary foreign affairs select committee

a) On international strategy

i) How the proposal would improve the chances of success of the international coalition’s campaign against ISIL

ii) How the proposed action would contribute to the formation and agreement of a transition plan for Syria

iii) In the absence of a UN Security Council Resolution, how the Government would address the political, legal, and military risks arising from not having such a resolution

iv) Whether the proposed action has the agreement of the key regional players (Turkey; Iran; Saudi Arabia; Iraq); if not, whether the Government will seek this before any intervention

v) Which ground forces will take, hold, and administer territories captured from ISIL in Syria

b) On the military imperative

i) What the overall objective is of the military campaign; whether it expects that it will be a “war-winning” campaign; if so, who would provide war-winning capabilities for the forces; and what the Government expects will be the result of extending airstrikes to Syria

ii) What extra capacity the UK would contribute to the Coalition’s actions in Syria

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