George Osborne sniffing cider is the most unfortunate photo of the year

27 Jan 2015

osborne sniffing cider

Prime Minister David Cameron pictured with chancellor George Osborne and Chris Hecks at a photocall at Hecks Cider Farm, Street. The carefully orchestrated photocall was somewhat sidetracked after the unfortunate position of the chancellor’s hand resulted in a photo that has been shared widely on social media.

Well makes a change from “the normal stuff” in HofC.

Tori Backstori –  

Dennis Skinner calls Chancellor a Cokehead

ITR Comment:  “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Wicked. Go on Dennis! What a bloke. Brilliant. Made my day that has. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! ‘It’s true!’ he said. Brilliant! Dennis for PM! Genius. The truth. Who would have thought it?”  Still relevant one year later.

Why is Coke-Head George Osborne Still Chancellor?

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