Labour: Jeremy Hunt should be stripped of responsibility for negotiations with junior doctors

22 October 2015

Jeremy Hunt ‘misrepresented weekend deaths data’

November 17, 2015

SecState Maths Quiz

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IR Comment: “This man should declare his conflict of interest and resign”

GW:  Just STRIPPED and birched.  Forget the rest.

JD contract getthefacts
Furthermore apparently J Hunt co-authored a book on NHS Privatisation which “did not reflect his views” leading one to comment on twitter “If Hunt doesn’t believe himself, how the heck can anyone else believe him?” 

9 September 2012

Jeremy Hunt is criticised for his role in £650m Virgin hospital deal

“The book, Direct Democracy: An Agenda for a New Model Party, sets out an alternative vision for a dismantled NHS. It says: “The NHS was designed over half a century ago, at a time of rationing and deep poverty. It was, and remains, a child of its time, conceived on the principle that the beneficent state should be a monopoly provider. But we know today that monopolies rarely act in the best interests of consumers. Because government both funds and provides health care, medical professionals are beset with political targets and central direction, distorting clinical priorities and preventing innovation.””

“A source close to Hunt denied that the minister wrote the section in the book about the NHS and said that “it does not reflect his views”.”

GR Comment:  “The National Hunt Service?”

GR Comment: “amazing isn’t it ?

The 1992 and 1997 elections were all about the failings of the NHS which had been neglected by Thatcher and Thatcherites

By 2010 the NHS was no longer an issue. Mistakes still occurred in such a huge organisation ….we are all fallible ….but care and hospitals had been transformed for the good of the general public .

Within weeks of the Tories back in control, we were at their mercy again.”  Very true. 

GR Comment:  “What a nasty little grinning, reptilian, spiv this man is”  Said in 2012 and in 2015 those words still apply.

GR Comment:  “Recognising that this man is a Cameron-tainted cross between Machiavelli and Mephistopheles is the first step to realising he has been given the oxymoronic role of health assassin.”

Direct Democracy p78 J Hunt

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According to Green Benches J Hunt’s contribution was actually titled “The Plan”

“The free download of the book “Direct Democracy” of which Jeremy Hunt is an author can be found here (click this). The free download of the second book “The Plan“, which Jeremy Hunt puts his name in support to can be found here (click this). Neither book is very kind to the NHS ” Unfortunately the links no longer work due to ToriCon scrubbing of Internet in 2010.

1 November 2015

Fitness to Practice Hearings: Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt statement on weekend hospital care is misleading, experts warn

‘Leading statisticians have cast serious doubt on Jeremy Hunt’s claim that only 10% of patients are seen by a consultant within 14 hours of being admitted to hospital at a weekend, and described it as unfair, misleading and a gross underestimation.’  Thanks to NLAT for this link.

GR Comment: “Collective insurance spreads the cost effectively across any given society, while individual insurance is a disaster for those individuals who needs cost more than the average.

The founding principle of the NHS and it’s founder Aneurin Bevan need to be shouted out loud and clear, we don’t want or believe that piecemeal privatisation of the NHS will improve this grand institution.

Hunt’s agenda to privatise the NHS is clear and rejected by a huge majority of the general public.

I am in full support of the junior doctors as this is just another attack on the founding principle of collective health insurance. Hunt is discredited.”

GR Comment: “Jeremy hunt has called the strike unwarranted

adjective: unwarranted

not justified or authorized.

But surely by having a ballot, and a democratic process gives a “Yes” vote, it is warranted?

Oh silly me I applied democracy to tory models again didn’t I.”

Branson in philantropist mode being heckled for his NHS privatisation role.

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