Jeremy Corbyn calls for economic sanctions against banks and countries funding Isis

“Jeremy Corbyn told David Cameron to push for an economic crackdown with the rest of the European Union, claiming the terror group was being provided with “vital infrastructure”.

“Surely a crucial way to help defeat Isil is to cut off its funding, its supply of arms, and its trade,” he said at Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday.”

GW:  A voice of reason in the wilderness.  Even Labour MPs screaming for more bombs.  Utter madness.  Lunatics have taken over the asylum.

The BombBomb “Le Bomb Bomb” –

Comment:  Labour MPs – “Those who want war should remember if they get it wrong like they did in ‪#‎Iraq‬ the public will not forgive this time ”

IR Comment: “These tory lite Labour MPs should join the Tory party, which is where they belong. JC was elected by an overwhelming majority of party members and his platform was clear. At last the UK has a genuine opposition and if the closet Tories are uncomfortable with this they cross the floor and join the sabre-rattlers opposite!”

IR Comment: “Corbyn doesn’t love terrorists, he just doesn’t like the idea of taking life, unlike your average psychopath, but i wouldn’t expect someone with your genius to work that out on your own eh?”  Gr-ow-l, Rrrr,  Rrrr, Snarl, Snap….

IR Comment: “well aren’t you clever? yes a RIGHT WING labour government who were nothing more than tory copycats. (created  the situation in Iraq) the point you are missing is we now have a labour party led by someone who wants an end to the violence, and you are all slagging him off for it. you’d be slagging him off if he said yeah let’s attack syria and calling him a phony for it next, seems there is nothing jeremy corbyn can do right for you, he does one thing you slag him off, he does the opposite you slag him off. get a grip and try being rational, you were given a brain for a purpose use it!”

IR Comment:Labour MP’s backing the PM are not speaking for me, I suspect they are not speaking for a lot of people and when some tw@t stands up and says he’s speaking for the country then you can guarantee it’s bollox. Bombing and collateral damage is EXACTLY what Daesh is looking for, if we bomb, we might as well set up recruiting kiosks on behalf of Daesh. If you want to get serious about dealing with Daesh, get serious about dealing with Saudi Arabia.”

IR Comment:Ian Austin backs the Tories more often than he backs Labour and despises the fact Labour party members should have any influence over the party they fund. As a back bencher the only reason the Independent gives him the oxygen of publicity is that he hates Corbyn almost as much as the right wing press do!”

GW:  Well who are they?  Chris Leslie, Chuka Umunna – Well who he? – Emma Reynolds  Who she?  Ian Austin, Pat McFadden, Mike Gapes – Gapey Mike? – Mind the gap Mike.  Mind the Gap.  Miiiiiiike.  Ooops.

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