Tristram Hunt delivered a speech to Cambridge University students which upsets some of them, who call it “elitist” and “offensive”.

Tristram Hunt

Tristram Hunt spoke at Cambridge University about the future of Labour

“Former shadow education minister Tristram Hunt has sparked a political row after telling some of the country’s most privileged students that “the top one per cent” must take leadership of the Labour party again”

“Hayley Waily ‏tweeted that Mr Hunt was “a living example of why we should be seeking our best talent from the 100%, not just the privately schooled 7%”. ”

Eoin Clarke:  “Nothing so rare as a four faced auld clock.”

Comment @ EC:  “The Gove of the Labour Party”

GW:  Old habits die hard it seems when it comes to lapping up “Blairism”.  DEMOS!  Come in from the garden please. It’s time to stop playing now.  AWWWW Do I have to?  Yes it’s time for your supper.  Your favourite.  Slices of ‘Social Entrepreneurialism’ with ‘philly’ on the side. 

‘The Third way’ approach has resulted in a return to quasi-Victorian notions such as the Mezzanine’s ‘venture philanthropy’ or ‘social entrepreneurialism’.”


Shadow education secretary – Lucy Powell

Lucy Powell

Lucy Powell

“Policy focus: A National Education Service, following the NHS model, is one of Mr Corbyn’s flagship policies. Under his plans, state-funded academies and free schools would be forced to return to local authority control and tuition fees would be scrapped.”

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