Pink Industry – The Atlantic Semantic – The Mezzanine



“Since its creation in 1992, Demos has portrayed itself as a left-leaning ‘think tank’, yet its initial Advisory Board was dominated by those who wished to extend a ‘Thatcherite’ neo-conservatism into the ‘New Labour’ project. Funded by big business, Demos grew to be part of a parasitical group of ‘policy entrepreneurs,’ lobbyists and front groups based in ‘The Mezzanine,’ an office opposite Shell’s London HQ. Demos masks its role as a paid front by adopting a posture of intellectual and social concern. Since its formation in the early 90s it has operated as a type of PR agency in the lucrative business lurking within complex Government bureaucracy, exploiting and manipulating inside information trafficked between business interests and the emerging New Labour government. It played an important agenda-setting role promoting various concepts to policy-makers, the media and the public. Lobby groups, public relations, information gathering, advertising, media and consultancy services to large corporations are increasingly merging and have brought in US style techniques of public deception through the transformation, manipulation and even creation of groups, information and images to benefit its corporate clients.”

“Anthony Giddens’ Third Way ideas, such as the ‘responsible risk taker,’ grew out of conversations with Demos’s director Geoff Mulgan. Giddens went further in suggesting ‘no rights without obligations’ as ‘a prime motto for the new politics.’”

Thanks to KONP for the information.

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